Suri Cruise Will Be Too Big to Carry When Her Parents Say So (VIDEO)

suri cruiseDoes it seem like Suri Cruise gets carried by her parents an awful lot even though she's almost 6 years old now? HuffPo just called out TomKat for their child-wearing ways: "Suri, it's time to retire your clinging-like-an-adorable-koala-bear act with mom Katie Holmes and dad Tom Cruise." Oof, harsh!

And then they compiled a slideshow of pictures of Tom and Katie carrying Suri -- and it goes on, and on, AND ON. Okay, okay! We get the point! They carry their kid around a lot, and it's totally overindulgent of them. The girl does appear to have feet and legs, after all. If you have your own skating rink, you can probably walk.

But of all the Suri indulgences, this is the one I can understand.


After all, it's just Suri -- there's no new baby to unseat her from the throne. She still is the baby. They keep carrying her around because it's cozy, it feels good, and because they can. Suri probably demands it, but they probably secretly love it.

I know I do. Holding your kid past the baby stage is horrible for your back but I just love the sweet feeling of those little arms around my neck. If you can get away with it, it just feels delicious to have another excuse to hold your child close. And when you're walking down noisy city streets, it's just easier to have a conversation with your child that way. Otherwise, their little heads are too far away and you're always leaning down and straining to hear what they say.

All too soon, Suri will be a big girl who doesn't even want to hold her parents' hands. Carrying your child around is overindulgent. Wonderfully, lovingly, back-breakingly, heart-breakingly overindulgent.

Are you willing to carry your child sometimes long after they learn how to walk?


Image via Splash News

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