Uptight Parents Pull Kids From School Because Teacher Is Too Hot

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apple for teacherThere's something about teachers being hot that's just too much for some parents to handle. Currently in the hot seat, so to speak, is Michela Roth, 39, who has outraged parents for posing for sexy pictures in a Harley Davidson calendar.

There's no nudity; she's fully clothed in lingerie. You would think, however, that she was rolling around naked on the playground as parents at the Italian preschool where she teaches are pulling their children out in droves. As the Daily Mail points out, mothers are much more upset about this than the fathers. Ha.

Still it's outrageous to think that parents would pull their children out of class with an otherwise reportedly great teacher, just because the teacher looks nice in a negligee. Are people really that uptight?

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I do think a teacher's life outside of the classroom can be cause for concern in some cases, but posing for some sexy pictures isn't one of them. I mean if there were animals involved or it was something really hard core, then we could talk, but lingerie hardly makes one a harlot. Modeling is Roth's second job, and she says she primarily does it on holidays and when she's back in the United States, where's she's from originally. It's not like she's posing in the classroom.

I think she is right in her assessment of the situation -- that jealousy and insecurity has a lot to do with parent's outrage. She told the paper.

Maybe I could have been a model but I just love being a teacher. I think there is a little bit of envy going on here and it has gone over the top -- there are also mums who tell me that their children can't wait to see me in the morning.

One mother even admitted: "She is too attractive and I don't want her teaching my son." Sounds like a lady with some major issues.

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I know some people won't hire attractive nannies or don't want other beautiful women around their husband, which is their prerogative however ludicrous. If you can't trust your spouse, or have some big chip on your shoulder about people who are more attractive than you, then that's one problem. Placing that above your child's stability and well-being, however, is just wrong.

Would you have a problem if you learned your child's teacher posed for a sexy calendar?

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Momma... MommaGreenhalge

Harlot. Do you guys not have spellcheck?

Todd Vrancic

I would much rather a teacher have a beautiful body than an ugly, little mind.

paren... parentalrights1

I don't care if a teacher has done sexy pictures. They only care because she is a woman.

It's called being jealous. Women hate other hot women. It reminds them of how inadequate they are themselves, but really, they'd love to look like that.

Teacher isn't parading the photo to her students and if little Timmy gets access to the photo then maybe you should put blocks on your internet at home.

fraoch fraoch

So all these mom's have the calendar in their homes for their kids to view? Isn't that the only way the kids will see her dressed this way, in the calendar that they never would have even known about if the parents didn't fill them in?

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

39? She looks Ah-mazing!!! Good for her. I thought Italians were less uptight about this stuff.

tifferie tifferie

If teachers were paid decently, she wouldn't need that second job.

Heather Harrison

I don't understand why parents would be bothered by this. I would have zero problems if I found out my son's teacher was in a calendar. Frankly, I wouldn't mind if I found out she did porn. As long as she is not trying to get my son to do porn, it's her business. 

"The child psychologist who thought she had all the answers to parenting until she became one herself." www.themommypsychologist.com


keept... keeptalkin

Everyone must be living under rocks, must haven't heard about all these teachers sleeping with students, male and female teachers, I for one do care what teachers do, and I think more ppl should start checking on their kids and teachers at school, there is no harm in being beautiful or sexy, and I'm sure those parents aren't jealous of a 39 yr old

nonmember avatar Anna Ellis

I bet my son would ALWAYS pay attention in this class, what she does outside the classroom is her business...

Rae.302 Rae.302

I think could understand some parents being iffy if this woman was a high school teacher, or even a middle school teacher. Little Timmy looked up the calendar online and now spends his math class drooling...lol. But in preschool? I hardly think it matters.

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