Gift Guide, Todder: Domestic Dude or Diva

Hope you enjoyed window shopping through our CafeMom Holiday Gift Guide all this week in Daily Buzz. In case you missed it, here are some of my toddler present picks for the Transportation Addict, Artiste, Brainiac and Outdoor Lover. I'm finishing up the Toddler Buzz  Guide with the Domestic Dude or Diva, the tyke who likes to whip up a meal, design a home, make a repair, or love a dolly.

Magneatos Jumbo Building Set

Cost: $32

Where to Buy:,

Extras: Having an architect in the family will be a huge plus someday when it comes time to design your future vacation home. 

Why I Love It: These 36 magnetic pieces are a lot bigger and chunkier than regular Magneatos, perfect for smaller hands.


Toddler's First Dolly

Cost: $25

Where to Buy:,

Extras: You can pick from several styles, skin shades, and outfits.

Why I Love It: I bought this little sweetie-pie for my daughter when she turned 2. This doll is so amazingly soft and huggable -- even her plastic face and hands are pliable. I love that her clothes are sewn on (she's machine washable) because it means one less naked baby lying around, and less clutter for mom!

2-in-1 Wooden Workshop

Cost: $24

Where to Buy:

Extras: This is an online only toy.

Why I Love It: Who ever heard of woodworking with a plastic bench and tools? Nothing against them, but this is as close to the real deal as your little Ty Pennington can get.

Heads Chefs Cooking Gear by Fiesta

Cost: $10 each

Where to Buy:,

Extras: Suction-cup feet help them stand upright on the counter or table. Also available in spoon, spatula, measuring cup, and whisk.

Why I Love It: My kids use these with their play food, and we've made some killer cookies with them in our real kitchen. And I occasionally use that blue guy above to brush olive oil on steak and roasted veggies.

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