4-Year-Old Who Saved Sister's Life Shouldn't Have Had to Do So (VIDEO)

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Neveah and Kazmirah ReynoldsIt's an amazing, heartwarming story in many respects. When 4-year-old Neveah Reynolds was out playing princesses with her 2-year-old sister, Kazmirah, they stopped at a pond in a search to find frogs, for kissing and turning into princes, of course. Only instead, their fairy tale quickly turned into a nightmare when Kazmirah fell into the pond. 

According to WBIR, that's when Neveah showed maturity well beyond her years and fished her little sister out of the pond, saving her from drowning. "I grabbed a stick and pulled her out ... She would die if I leave her," she said.

How amazing, and she absolutely deserves the title of "hero" that's been placed up on her. But there's one big problem with this story despite its happy ending -- where the hell were the girls' parents?

Their mother, Nikol Reynolds, told the station that she heard screaming on the security monitor, and saw "the 2-year-old is standing outside the pond drenched from head to toe." 

"I was like, 'Oh my God I'm so glad you did that.' It brought tears to my eyes," said Nikol.

It should bring a whole lot of other things than tears, like oh, say, regret and complete and utter remorse for letting two toddlers play outside when water is near. Can you imagine if that little girl had drowned? Not only would it have been a tragic, senseless loss of life, but the older girl would have felt guilty the rest of her life for failing at a responsibility she shouldn't have had in the first place.

Toddlers shouldn't be put in charge of toddlers, no matter what; and security monitors and the like are no substitute for adult supervision, especially around water. It kills me to see this mother talk to the television cameras like she did nothing wrong. Her only explanation was that Kazmirah is not allowed to go by the pond, but that "whatever Neveah is doing, Kazmirah is right behind her." 

"If it wasn't for Neveah, I would have probably lost a kid," Nikol said. Yes, thank goodness that she saved her sister, but she shouldn't have had to do so. I'm so glad their story ended as it did, but I also think this mother should be investigated and someone should make sure it doesn't happen again. 

Would you ever let toddlers play outside alone?

Image via volunteertv.com

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ashjo85 ashjo85

Yay, let's start an investigation because kids are SO much better off being tossed into the system! Or here's a thought . . . maybe we shouldn't tax an already overburdened system with stupid accidents like these. There are children being abused and living in a dangerous environment filled with violence and drugs that need help.

mrspi... mrspierce06

I don't think she needs to be investigated, but she does need a little wake up call.  Yes I will let my four year olds play outside alone, however the yard is totally fenced and there is no water in it.  Even if their kiddy pool is full they do not play outside alone.  Common sense people!

nonmember avatar len

Yes she should be investigated, that doesn't mean the kids will be taken away, it just means the mother will be given much needed advice on how to care for toddlers. She should be ashamed of herself. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but a 4 year old is not old enough to babysit a 2 year old.

nonmember avatar heather

I would let my child play out in the yard by herself - If (and only if) there was not water or anything that could be very dangerous and if it was fenced in.

Maevelyn Maevelyn

I saved my sister from drowning when I was 3 or 4. My dad was RIGHT THERE and he had told us to get out of the pool. He was letting us throw things in the water when my sister fell in. He only looked away for a minute ( I think he was watching a bird) and I jumped in and saved her. (Even though I could swim I put on this inflatable thing we had.) It could have happened to anyone and I probably should have pointed out that she  was in the water and not just gone in after her. Even though he shouldn't my dad still feels guilty. I feel like this woman should feel guilty (among other things) but she doesn't need to be investigated. The lesson has been learned, you can't legislate dumb out of ppl anyway.  

the4m... the4mutts

I let all 4 of mine, ages 2-8 play in the backyard alone while I clean. We have no pool. There's no water danger. But they could just as easilly break their necks on the swingset. Life is risky, we do the best we can.

reiki... reikiharmony

*Sigh* You just can't fix stupid. Social Services is way over extended and it's not as though they provide a magical solution and a set of wonderful parents that the children can be handed off to that DO have good sense and can provide an entirely different and more enriched life than these kids are going to otherwise have. Neither the two OR the four year old should have been in the back yard, with a BODY OF WATER, unsupervised. I don't like to judge and I used to never say anything, but the more that I'm seeing horrible things, in person and by reading about it like this, the more I realize that it needs to be pointed out to be that you only have one chance to get it right, or, in this case, a child could have died and another could be facing a lifetime of guilt unnecessarily. This mother WASN'T doing the best she could, by far.

Jadem... Jademom07

Why have children if you aren't going to supervise them...Oh wait, she was watching thru the security camera.

Yes, the Duggars have their children watch each other but not a 4 yr old watching a 2 yr old.

emmas... emmasmama2007

I get irked too, I know we can all make mistakes, but stuff like this is rediculous, I'm also tired of hearing about people leaving their kids at chuck e. cheese's. She should get inverstigated to get parenting classes and such.

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