Gift Guide, Toddler: Outdoor Lover

Let's go outside -- don't worry if it's too cold or wet at the moment. If you have a little sportsman, adventurer, or nature nut, take a browse at these Gift Guide goodies for the Outdoor Lover.

Bug Bonz (build-a-bug kit)

Cost: $20

Where to Buy:,

Extras: You don't have to deal with real bugs -- ick!

Why I Love It: It's like a Mr. Potato Head in bug form. Your little one uses her imagination to interconnect wings, claws and stingers to make anatomically incorrect insects.


Snow Sled Deluxe

Cost: $35

Where to Buy:

Extras: Okay, so you need to live in an area where there's snow. But it wouldn't be a Gift Guide without a sled! Fits kids up to age 2.

Why I Love It: You don't have to listen to your 2-year-old complain, "Mommy, I'm cold. Mommy, I'm wet." The soft plastic shield keeps them safe and dry so they can enjoy the ride!

Gertie Ball (world's most catchable ball)

Cost: $8

Where to Buy:,

Extras: Besides the versions you see here, Gerties come in soccer balls and basketballs and in a variety of other fun colors and textures.

Why I Love It: Toddlers get frustrated so easily. Even 2 year olds can hold on to this cushy cool ball and feel like Brett Favre.

Have you been wondering what to get for the Domestic Dude or Diva, who loves dolls, cooking, and handyman repairs? Check back tomorrow for more in our Holiday Gift Guide.

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