Babysitters on Airplanes! Why Didn't Someone Think of This Service Sooner?

traveling with kids
NOT Wearing a Seatbelt
Considering all of the kids and parents who have been kicked off flights in the past few years, it's clear that parents in the sky need some help. I'm recalling the beginning of one flight that was particularly messy when a nice lady from the next aisle offered me a hand. That one moment of help was what I needed to get myself and my toddler together, but can you imagine having a nanny for the duration of your flight? Someone you pay (without paying her airfare) to take care of your kids?

Well someone imagined it enough to start a company called Nanny in the Clouds, which offers just that. Another pair of hands that will keep your kid from harassing all of the other passengers, and instead just the one passenger that you're paying to take the abuse. Genius!


Here's how it works. You register (as a parent) and nannies register as well. If you both happen to be on the same flight, you are matched up for a $10 fee, paid for by the parents. You then negotiate seating, the hourly rate, and for how long you need that nanny. For the car ride to and from the airport, in the terminal, or just while you're in the air.

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Of course there are downsides. The company doesn't do background checks, so you're on your own in that scenario. And unless you arrange a meeting beforehand, you really don't know what you're going to get. (Neither does the nanny, for that matter.) Also there's that whole "Oh my god, who do you think you are traveling with a nanny? Can't you control your own kids?" factor. But isn't that better than annoying the hell out of the entire airplane and possibly getting kicked off?

I have confidence in myself, my husband, and my kids to travel without major incident. If I were travelling with my kids by myself, however, I would totally sign up for this. An extra pair of hands can be the difference between an enjoyable trip and a nightmare that causes you to get the shakes anytime you head out on vacation.

Would you use Nanny in the Clouds?

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