10 Ways to Make Moms Feel Guilty

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The Guilt Bringers
Yet another banner week has passed in parenting fails. I have to say they seem to be coming more frequently these days. Maybe it's having two small kids in completely crazy stages. Or maybe it's just time to admit that no amount of blog reading, parenting philosophy analyzing, tough loving, or laissez-faire attitudes are going to save me from doing something to make me feel like a bad mom.

It's just, does is it have to happen so often, and with such dramatic results? The main one being, the horrible guilt one feels when your child cries.

Here are just 10 ways I was hit with full-on mom guilt this week. Yes, just this week.

1. No Dessert After Good Behavior

After making the deal that vegetable consumption = dessert, I discovered that there was no dessert in the house. Needless to say, there were some pissed off little people at the table.

2. Unexplained Tears

How would you feel if your daughter was crying and she turned to you and said, "Sometimes you just need to cry." Yeah, that good.

3. When Your Child Tells On You

Even though I pick up my kids every day from pre-school and kindergarten, and super early on Fridays. Even though my husband and I have been home for weeks and weeks and weeks without any work travel; my daughter reported to her teachers that her "Mom and dad are never home." I'm guessing this means we both have to quit our jobs.

4. Skin Caught in Zipper

Why do they make Levi's for toddlers with round bellies? Really?

5. "Mommy, you came!"

Which is why, after volunteering at a school function, I wound up taking my toddler home with me five hours early. What are you supposed to say to that, really?

6. Ooops, we're out of food.

So quinoa and cheese sticks for dinner, breakfast and lunch was my best shot at a balanced meal. At least one of those is a super food.

7. Broken Promise #987

After #3, promises were made of more special one-on-one time with mom. Then a work function happened.

8. Missing Bedtime

After you swore you wouldn't. Luckily, sleeping kids can't make the sad eyes at you.

9. The Yelling

Which happens after you don't have time to shop, take your bleeding toddler to the doctor, or spend quality time with your daughter who is growing so fast you hardly recognize her.

10. "Mommy, I'm Scared!"

Which follows the yelling.

And, good riddance to a super crappy week!

How many times did you feel guilty this week?

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Magen Kauffman

How about completely forgetting about a visitor's day at school thanks to being sick and having mommy brain and then having your child come home from school only to ask "Mommy, why weren't you there?" Major guilt trip!


I totally get it!

Ginger Fargas

I feel guilty every single day of my life as a mom. When they are with me all day I feel guilty for being annoyed that I just WANT TO PEE...WITHOUT SPECTATORS.

When I am at work I feel guilty for not being with them during this crazy time.

When I spend all day with them and then take a night off with my husband I feel guilty that I am so happy to have peace and quiet.

UGH. I feel your pain!


The yelling and lack of patience have plagued me this week- of course I had a broken tooth, root canal that was started and couldn't be finished that resulted in a packed tooth that can't be finished til next week-all the while, I can't take real pain meds, was prescribed Tylenol w codeine, but am nursing, so am toughing it out w advil- yes I'm a martyr (j/k)-- I'm feeling better, it could all be worse, truly- but I hate losing my patience when I'm not feeling well! Oh and I got my monthly. Lovely. My hubs is fantastic in every other way, but not the best care-giver. I'll make it ( there's that martyr again)- thanks for letting me whine.

bubble51 bubble51

My child is grown, but I always feel guilty with my dogs. I feel like I am always failing them by leaving them for work. I try my best to leave things for them while I am gone but still I feel totally bad for them and guilty.

Imsew... Imsewtired

Guilt, when it doesn't lead to change, is a useless emotion. After 56 years and 5 kids, I've pretty well learned what I can change and what I can 't, and if it is not a motivater to change, I just LET IT GO!

Wheep... Wheepingchree

it's so refreshing to know i'm not the only mommy feeling this way. does it make sense that i feel guilty and terrible for feeling guilty all the time?!?!?

Mbailey Mbailey

There's quanitity of time and quality time. Just gotta choose which works best for your family. I would prefer to work(once they become school age) and do weekends and after school with my kids than be home all day and become irritated and unfullfilled. Some moms are very content being a SAHM and others prefer to work outside the home.  I'm with "Imsewtired"...change or let it go! 

Alway... AlwaysExpecting

When you bring your son to preschool and forget to dress him up for the theme day and he is the only one in class not wearing his pajama's and then he asks you why he isnt :( yeah that was last year and the guilt still haunts me.....

theon... theonlyone433

I felt guilty today. My hubby and I are both home on weekends and he works all week. On weekends he enjoys being with our 7 month old son,. Today TJ decided he was going to be fussy and whiney all day and nothing either of us did could calm him. No, he's not sick. Finally, I felt so badly that I told my hubby this only happens with you. I then explained that all week I make sure that TJ has a happy day every day. 

the4m... the4mutts

Well, I agree with the people that said to change it, or let it go. Most of the stuff you feel guilty about, well, its your own damn fault. So change it, or realize that you're just kinda lazy.

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