10 Superpowers Only Mothers Have

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Since becoming a mother, it seems I have acquired a few skills that I didn't before possess. Eyes in the back on my head, for instance. Sure, it seems impossible, but I really am able to know exactly what is happening between my children without witnessing a single thing. And, Momprehension? Yup, I have the ability to perfectly comprehend multiple loud, obnoxious, and competing children speaking at the same exact time. (But only if they belong to me. Those other kids make no sense at all.)

Don't believe moms are really superheroes? Read on for other traits my friends are lucky enough to have ...

1. Toddler Speaker. The ability to decipher nonsensical gibberish. For example: spookocky = spaghetti. -- from Pam

2. Puke Sensor. The ability to wake up instantly from deep REM sleep just to hear the sound of a child starting to puke. -- from Jessica

3. Power Arms. I can carry a full load of groceries and two infants in carriers up three flights of stairs in ONE trip. -- from Sarah

4. Mom Psychic. Knowing what my son wants before he knows himself. -- from Lindsay

5. Kitchen Magician. Taking the four remaining oddball ingredients in the pantry and creating a three-course meal. -- from Karen

6. Poop Detector. I can smell a poopy diaper through two closed doors and across the hall. -- from Erica

7. Lie Detector. Detecting guilt with the first glance and obtaining a confession with the second. -- from Tizzie

8. Diaper Hero. Catching fountain-like diarrhea in my hand while my daughter is laying on the changing table with her diaper off. But only the first time. The second time, that honor belongs to the wall. -- from Tiffini

9. Stomach of Steel. I have the ability not to barf at the sight of blood, vomit, or poop. -- from Christa

10. I'm momnipotent. -- from Pam

What's YOUR superpower?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Medical psychic - The ability to detect an injury before anyone else. I can hear any kind of bump or crash and just know if someone is injured. Yesterday for example we were in a store and I heard the sound of wood knocking together and I just knew there was a finger involved. It was behind me and I was up and turned around before the kid made a sound. Luckily his parents were nearby and he wasn't badly injured, just a bit swollen and bruised.

Cacho... Cachorritos

Love them! This one is for those with multiple "fur babies":

Dr. Doolittle: Being able to tell which dog it is by the sound of them lapping water up.

MamaD... MamaDV1012

Lactation!  I have the ability to meet my baby's nutritional needs and you'd be amazed at how much I'm getting with a pump at work.  :)

Rhodin Rhodin

If I'm in a differernt part of a store from my toddler (she's always with another adult), I can tell which cries, shrieks, and whatnots are hers and which are other people's kids.

kjbug... kjbugsmom1517

The ability to hold ur hands under a puking kids mouth to prevent a mess and not puke myself.

nonmember avatar B

The ability to decipher why my 6-month daughter is crying based on the tone, etc of her cry. There is a difference between a "hungry cry," "tired cry," and "I just want to be held cry." Something only a mother would know!

the4m... the4mutts

I "diagnosed" a broken arm, over the phone, simply by listening to my kids' dad say "I think he's just wanting sympathy, its not that bad" and hearing my son go "*snort* you wish dad"

nonmember avatar Caroline

My daughter is a teenager now and I am still able to detect a lie from her and affirm her guilt. But I would say my biggest power when she was small was my cat like reflexes. The moment the kid starts to go down I would shoot across the room and catch her.

nonmember avatar elisabeth

i dont have a barf sensor even though his bed is in our room and right beside my side of the bed, daddy has that i only wake up after i smell it but daddy is already on it way before then! but i have carseat power i and only i can get him to sit and stay in his carseat while i put the restraints on him.

Silke Donnelly

theo know that my baby is hurting abilty t

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