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crib escapeCribs are typically safe havens for our young children. You lay down their sweet little bodies, kiss them goodnight, and know that they're snug and safe in their own little space ... until they learn to escape.

There comes a point where virtually every child tries it. Some younger than others, and some more successfully than others. They each have different techniques, but they're all pretty fascinating to watch. Here are five videos of toddlers trying to escape their cribs, including this first one that I adore. In it, the boy first needs some liquid courage, and then he has a little mishap, but in the end he finds freedom ... for a few seconds anyway.

[video type="youtube" id="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haH1mCZGpts


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Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

My boys never figured out how to escape, but we had them in toddler beds by about 18 months. Once they start escaping, you need to get them out of the crib so they don't hurt themselves. :o)
It's sort of pointless at that point anyway.

Momma... MommaGreenhalge

My oldest could get out at a yearit didn't matter what we tried, he climbed out of it. I finally tried the "Gilmore Girls" approach and turned it with the back end out so it was taller. A few months later, he was at it again. Then I put him in a regular bed, and he was fine. My youngest did it once. He fell, and never tried it again. Two lessons those boys hve taught me: cribs with attached changing tables are jungle gyms for toddlers, and move them to a toddler bed once they start climbing out of the crib.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

One night my husband and I were laying in bed and the monitor was on by the night stand. All of the sudden I started hearing little grunts and tugs coming through. I had figured my little girl was trying to pull her sheet loose (for the MILLIONTH time) so I lazily got up and walked down the hall. What I found when I got to her room was the kid hanging on the side of the bed, little butt up in the air, about to make her landing. She was put in a toddler bed shortly afterward! lol

femal... femaleMIKE

I was babysitting for my sister once and her baby climbed out the crib and walked over to where I was sleeping on the couch.  She woke me up by banging her empty bottle on my head.  It was about midnight. 

femal... femaleMIKE

i feel so bad for the baby in the third video.

corri... corrinacs

Yeah, I had one of these kids LOL>  I had to put Caden in a toddler bed at 15 months (well, sooner) because of this reason!  He actually did well in the toddler bed...he STAYED in that surprisingly.

nonmember avatar Jessica

Our son never did it. But we had put him in a toddler bed when he was 15 months. So far, our daughter hasn't escaped yet either (14 months). But our son does climb into the crib with her after we put them to bed.

Jessica Rey Nicole Ramirez

Not sure how old I was but my parents said I would actually climb IN my crib when I was tired

Ruth Caruthers

My son figured it out at about a year old. We tried turning the crib around so the taller part was at the front, but he could still get out! Hwe got a toddler bed quick after that!

Heidi Ayn Harden

Its obvious to me as soon as my child even tried to climb out they needed to move to a toddler bed, my oldest to move to a toddler bed was 10 months old and she did wonderful getting in or our was never an issue. Babies can really get hurt falling out of their cribs, I dont know why  they put a camera on their child when trying to put them to sleep but NONE of these kids look even the least bit tired to me...but they are not mine so I guess I cant say anything about them not being cared for properly, all I know is that the parents of the baby in the third video (and in the other videos too) are very lucky that their children did not get seriously hurt!

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