10 Things Moms Can Do to Get Some Sleep

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The saying that a baby changes everything is the absolute understatement of the year. Of all the things I miss about my life before children, I miss my sleep the most. There

  • Climb into the crib with your child. Sometimes walking out of the room only to have them lose their mind and start wailing the moment you lie down is simply not worth the time and effort to walk across the hallway.
  • Ask a Grandparent to come into town overnight so that you and your husband can rent a hotel room... to sleep.
  • Tell your kid that there are magical, crazy chickens that live under their bed, and if they get out of bed during the night, said chickens will peck their ankles off. *Warning: have magical Chicken spray on hand to end the madness.
  • Pick a "fight" with your husband, walk away (don't look back) go to your bedroom, slam the door (for effect) cover up and sleep. He'll think he upset you so badly that he won't bother you. Two hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Play an elaborate game of hide and seek, hide in the closet and take a power nap.
  • Ask your neighbor if the kids can come over after school, because you have an appointment, pull your car around the block and army crawl through the back yard and climb through the kitchen window, leave all the lights off and take a 2-hour nap.
  • Tell your mom who is visiting from out of town that you are going to take


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Kwiat2 Kwiat2

Bahahaha. I have totally picked a fight with my hubby on purpose just so I could have a reason to lock myself away in the bedroom and be left alone, totally alone, for an hour.

sofia... sofia0587

Nothing my babygirl is amazing I can get her to take long naps with me during the day, just not at night lol

Mommy... MommyOfOne2710

I've never been that desperate for sleep... Lol.

nonmember avatar MariaC3

I have faked sick so my husband would stay home from work and I could sleep as much as I wanted.

kayga... kaygarcia97

I told Dh I had a killer headache. Went to our room, shit the door. Slept for about five hours. Peace on earth.

Kelmo... Kelmom1228

Most of these were funny, but climbing into your kid's crib with them? Are you crazy??!? Any idea how dangerous that is? Shame on you for encouraging such dangerous (and clearly stupid) behavior.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I wouldn't climb into the crib either. Mostly because I'd be afraid I'd break it or Baby would use me as a ladder to climb over the edge! But the rest are hilarious. XD

memek... memekisses

Lol! Too funny! The picking a fight one sounds like something id try. I have told the hubby that I'm feeling reeeally sick and occasionally I get to sleep in ;)

Luvmy... Luvmyfam7

Kelmom1228, Plz calm down, she was just joking. Only an idiot would really climb in the crib with their baby.

Badge83 Badge83

Bahahahahaha, I love the magical chickens! That literally made me LOL. However, I am dead guilty of claiming a migraine to get some peace (in addition to a hot shower) and quiet. Win for Mama.

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