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I've written about the fact that I'm not the biggest fan of children other than my own before.

Of course, there are some kids I truly do enjoy, I'm just not one of those women who universally loves all kids. Or, many kids. OK, most.

As I read through my Confessional last week, I realized that I'm far from alone in my feelings. Of course, though, these women couldn't possibly be talking about my precious children. It must be the other ones, the ones that I can't stand, too.

1. "I'm beginning to really dislike all kids. Why did I decide to be a first grade teacher again?"

2. "I ended a friendship with my grade school best friend because her daughter was the most annoying child on the planet."

3. "My poor 4-year-old has never had a single playdate because I just don't want to entertain another child."

4. "There's a brat bullying my kid at school. It's taking all of my might not to trip him every time I see him walking down the hallway."

5. "I can't stand the way other people's babies smell."

6. "I volunteer just so I can favor my kid in class. He's one of six; he deserves to be spoiled once a month."

7. "Every time my kids get sick, I want to hunt down the jerk who got them sick in the first place and smack them. I don't, but I want to."

8. "I hate that my house has become the meeting place for all the neighborhood kids. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!"

9. "Had to change my nephew's diaper and I almost threw up. I don't mind my kid's, but his? So nasty. Other people's kids are gross."

10. "My 4-year-old daughter's best friend drives me CRAZY. Thinking of moving just so we can escape the daily play-dates, but I'm sure the crazy bitch would stalk us down anyway."

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Its not so much other children for me as it is the PARENTS of other children.

Hell no Im not letting my 5 year old have a sleep over at YOUR house....You're a known junkie and your kid wears dirty clothes to school!!! >.<

It sounds mean, but in the area that I live, its the reality. My daughter has had few playdates simply because I do not trust other adults -.-

oldfa... oldfashionedmum

Too funny, because it is so true. Other children get on my nerves! Rarely do I meet children who I want to be around for longer than an hour.  I agree with EvalynCarnate, I don't blame the children for how they behave, I blame their parents for not teaching them better.  Kids will be kids and I can handle that, but if I speak to that kid and ask them to stop doing something or to do something and they look at me defiantely and then do what they want, that is a clear lack of parental guidance.  Also, while I'm on the subject, I've noticed that children lack basic manners these days.  By age 5, your child should be able to answer when an adult says hello, goodbye, etc instead of ignoring them!!!

nonmember avatar Mrs. Clark

I don't like other people's kids. My husband and I have avoided friendships because when we befriend a couple with children, after a month or so, they start asking if we can babysit. I know it sounds bad, but I don't even like my niece. She is such a pain and I make sure I have plans whenever I hear her mother is looking for a sitter.

Destiny Hall Lewis

LOL I'm with ya! Other peoples kids drive me nuts most of the time, but it is usually because they have parents who foster their annoying, and rude behavior.

the4m... the4mutts

My kids are not angels, but other peoples kids? No thanks! I'll pass on the playdate, thanks

nonmember avatar Adkins

I have 4 kids who I don't want in my house LOL let alone YOURS!!

nonmember avatar Shelley

You guys have issues...just remember YOUR kids are might be thought of that way as well.

Maine... MaineMntMama

"I can't stand the way other people's babies smell."

Ya know that pink baby lotion that people ooo and awe over - the mix of that and the toxic smell of disposable diapers makes me want to hurl! YUCK! 

nonmember avatar Marge Simpson

What about the kid that breaks something every single time he comes over because they arent taught to take care of things? My friends son is like this.. if he breaks a 70$ toy they replace it immediately.. so everytime he comes to visit, something gets broke and they think paying for it or replacing it is fine. :/ It's not.. which is why they havent been invited back in over 5 months...

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

I can get not liking other peoples children, but calling a child a bitch? Really? Not necessary.

Just know that there is someone out there thinking the same things about your 'precious little angel'.

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