Ridiculously Adorable 'Kids' Chasing Little Girl Are the Cutest Thing Ever (VIDEO)

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baby goatsApparently there's nothing cuter in this entire world than the sight of baby goats running. Particularly when those baby goats happen to be wearing little tiny sweaters and chasing around another kid (the human kind) who's pretty cute all on her own.

Who knew?! Baby goats don't just run, they leap and prance and practically fly, they're so filled with joy. Oh, to be a baby goat!

It's enough to make me consider the benefits of living on a farm. The whole manual labor thing is a turn-off, but I might be able to deal with the plowing and milking if it meant I could watch this every day:

Does this video make you want baby goats for pets?


Image via MissTsCrafts/YouTube

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femal... femaleMIKE

they so cute, they look like puppies.

omgitsjo omgitsjo

My brother has been trying to convince my mom to let him have a goat for a while now lol. Maybe I'll send her this video and try and help persuade her!

CPN322 CPN322

SO cute!!

DaniMaeD DaniMaeD

Me and my Hubs are starting a small farm this year.  Aside from the produce garden we are planning on chickens for eggs and meat, flemish giant rabbits for pets and to sell, ducks for pets and possibly eggs and meat, and goats for milk.

Jmsosa Jmsosa

Tori Spelling has that little goat, and I'm in love with it. They are so adorable. I also want one of those little teacup pigs.

nonmember avatar Hmacke

Check out a video called "Jingle Goats" you 'll die, it's adorable. My 2 yr old asks to watch it every day.

nonmember avatar KristiC.

Goats are wonderful, I've been lucky to have them for most of my life. But, we had to move last year & our landlord wouldnt let me bring my 3 goats with me because he rents cropland & was afraid the farmers would get mad if the goats got out & ate the plants. Nevermind the fact that wild hogs & deer are out there on almost a nightly basis. It was so hard to give up my babies :( One of mine was a baby & she was the only baby, so I would go out in the pen with them & run around & she had a blast chasing me, since there wasnt any other "kids" for her to play with.

craft... craftycatVT

I've always wanted dwarf goats.

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