3-Year-Old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt Looks Adorable in Mommy’s Red Lipstick (VIDEO)

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angelina jolie, vivienne jolie-pittBreaking news! Three-year-old Vivienne Jolie-Pitt was spotted wearing bright red lipstick! Bright red lipstick, you say? This is huge!! We haven't seen bold toddler style like this since the heyday of Suri Cruise.

And now, let the detailed analysis begin: Is Vivienne merely emulating Angelina Jolie's trademark look? Is bright red lipstick really appropriate for a 3-year-old? Did Vivienne choose the right shade of red for her skin tone?

Are you kidding me?!

I want to make a very important distinction here, one that seems to be lost on far too many people: Everything we call "fashion" -- makeup, clothes, shoes, hair, etc. -- when we're talking about adults or teens or even tweens goes by a different name when we're talking about toddlers: "Dress-up."

Bright red lipstick on a 3-year-old isn't some kind of a statement. It's a decoration. An experiment.

Think about some of the other ways toddlers have been known to accessorize: With rubber stamps and a stamp pad (better hope that's washable ink, because every inch of your kid's exposed skin is going to be covered in it); with stickers, as many as possible (tip: peel stickers off your kid's clothes BEFORE you put them in the wash); with markers (again, better hope that's washable ink). None of these methods of self-adornment could be called appropriate -- because nothing a 3-year-old does is appropriate! That's the whole point of being a little kid!

Please, when my daughter was 3? Sometimes she wore a long blonde princess wig to the playground. Sometimes she wore a pair of fake eyeglasses from the Halloween store. Sometimes she wore a tutu. A crown. A kitty cat mask. Whatever, she was 3!

Do you think Vivienne Jolie-Pitt looks adorable in red lipstick? Would you let your 3-year-old wear lipstick for fun?

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CPN322 CPN322

I totally agree with your article and do think she looks precious. She obvi wants to be like her momma :)

Lizzie Gowers

I honestly don't think she was wearing lipstick at all. I've noticed that their bio-kids seem to have naturally red lips. Plus, the pic I saw of Vivi and Shiloh, Shiloh had a handfull of red licorice. But hey, I could be wrong and she absolutely could have been playing dress-up and did have lipstick on; either/or, I don't care. She's so friggin' adorable!

witch... witchkiss

I had very dark red lips as a child.  I don't think she's wearing lipstick.

DleeA DleeA

I completely agree that the hype is ridiculous. One of my best friend's favourite memories as a kid is when she was little and refused to take off a pair of cat ears. Instead of fighting her on this, her mother simply drew on some cat whiskers with pencil eyeliner and took her shopping. I can only imagine the over-reaction if they'd been famous!

Sabri... SabrinaMBowen

Even if she is - WHO CARES? Its not hurting her in any way! If my daughter wants to wear lipstick at 3, I'm not going to stop her... There are so many things in this world you have to try and stop your children from doing, lipstick is really no big deal! Teach them from day ONE to use chemical free cosmetics and teach them that cosmetics are meant to enhance, not create... Then it won't matter if they are 3 or 30, they'll be just fine.

melodyev melodyev

I don't see anything wrong with it. She's a little girl learning what her likes and dislikes are. Similar to pp, my daughter has a cat face almost every day at 2 yrs old. Next dd up used to love lipstick and snow boots. That time goes by so quick. We shouldn't keep them from enjoying it.

Lindsay Smalley Uhrig

Is it bad that I am more interested in what car seats they were all using? I could have swore I saw a rear-facing seat.. lol

nonmember avatar Melissa

Really? This is news!!!!???

Ciji Stallman

Dude, really?? This is what you're writing about? Get a life. Who cares? My 2 year old wheres lipstick from time to time. They just like playing dress up. It's freaking cute.

Melissa Owsiany Reineke

No, I only let my little ones wear lipstick if it's halloween or for their dance recital.  But I could care less if other people's kids do as dress-up.  Who cares?  Why is this news?  Yawn.

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