3-Year-Old Eats 37 Magnets & We're Not Shocked

toddler eats 37 magnets
Not For Kids
You can't trust a toddler. Just this morning mine tried to unlock the back door and escape. These pint-sized balls of energy have zero instinct for self-preservation, so you have to watch them every second of every day. It's exhausting. Which is why we try to keep sharp objects, poisonous concoctions, and the dog out of the way of our toddler. That's also why last year, even though I was enamored with Buckyballs rare earth magnets, I didn't allow them into my own home. Even though I really, really, really wanted to.

Because we all know magnets and toddlers don't mix. Little ones put things in their mouths, and magnets can tear up your insides something awful. Which was my inspiration behind this post I wrote for The Stir where I warned you to keep this amazing toy away from your toddler. A couple in Portland, Oregon were obviously reading something else that day, because their 3-year-old ate these rare earth magnets right up. And she's lucky to be alive.


After swallowing 37 of these magnets, little Payton had three holes torn in her lower intestine, and one hole torn in her stomach. She had to have surgery to remove the magnets, as well as repair the damage done to her tiny body. Her parents say had they known of the danger, they would never have had Buckyballs in the house. The nurses say they'd seen these magnets inside little kids before, but never so many, and they were worried if they would be able to help Payton. Yikes.

Since it appears that Payton ate these Buckyballs over a period of time, I'm guessing the parents really never gave it any thought. Like I said before, I saw a 3-year-old playing with these last year and it gave me pause. These rare earth magnets are a good time for people of all ages, and just way too tempting to put in your mouth if you're at that particular toddler stage. So if you have any in your house, and you also have a little one -- throw them out. This particular desk toy doesn't belong anywhere near your kids.

Do you have Buckyballs?


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