Gift Guide, Toddler: Transportation Addict

Each day this week, I'll share my gift picks for every toddler type in your life, including the Artist, Domestic Diva or Dude, Brainiac, and Outdoor Lover. I'm revving it up today with the boy or girl who just can't get enough cars, trains, planes, and rockets.

Product: Smash! Crash! by Jon Scieszka

Cost: $12

Where to Buy:,

Extras: You must supply the cozy reading chair.

Why I Love It: This book has a whimsical storyline that's about, well, destroying things, so what's not for a little boy to love? Think, Bob the Builder on steroids -- but in a good way! The main characters (Jack Truck and his buddy Dump Truck Dan), are super cute and cool, and my son loves repeating their names and those of the other characters in the book.


Product: Light & Sound Town

Cost: $37

Where to Buy:

Extras: 4 C batteries, not included

Why I Love It: It's just challenging enough for an 18 month old who's outgrown the baby cars but is still too young for Hot Wheels. Five buttons move five vehicles and their sounds -- so your little one can bone up on his fine motor skills while he's honking and tooting.

Product: Remote Control Land Shark

Cost: $25

Where to Buy:

Extras:  Requires 2 AAA batteries and three AA batteries (not included).

Why I Love It: This remote controlled car, which is on my son's Santa list, has a simple joystick that older toddlers can master. This tough toy can manage a muddy puddle as effortlessly as a shag carpet.

Product: Stomp Rocket Junior

Cost: $15

Where to Buy:

Extras: These rockets may be foam, but they launch fast and hard, so you'll want your tyke to play with this toy outside -- trust me on that.

Why I Love It: It's low-tech and simple -- without a lot of little parts or complicated instructions. Just stomp and watch the rockets soar. My son got this for a birthday present last year, and it quickly became one of his favorite toys.

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