25 Words All Toddlers Should Know By Age 2

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toddler boy laughingSome toddlers are very chatty, others are more quiet, and every kid develops at their own pace. I see this firsthand with my twins -- they don't hit their milestones at the same time. Often it's not something to worry about, but as the parent, you know your child best and your instinct will tell you if a missed or slow-to-come milestone should be mentioned to your doctor.

Speech and talking is a big one. Once our babies say their first word, it's exciting when they add more words to the mix either verbally or by sign, or both. By the time a child is 2, there are 25 words every toddler should be using say researchers from the Child Study Institute at Bryn Mawr College. Twenty-five words is considered the minimum for late talkers -- the average is 75 to 225 words with phrases. These 25 words are considered to be the building blocks of a child's vocabulary. 

  1. all gone
  2. baby
  3. ball
  4. banana
  5. bath
  6. bye bye
  7. book
  8. car
  9. cat
  10. cookie
  11. daddy
  12. dog
  13. eye
  14. hat
  15. hello/hi
  16. hot
  17. juice
  18. milk
  19. mommy
  20. more
  21. no
  22. nose
  23. shoe
  24. thank you
  25. yes

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Dr. Leslie Rescorla is a director at the institute who determined what the words should be. She shared that if your child doesn't say all 25 of these words, it doesn't necessarily mean you should worry -- some kids have delayed speech and catch up by age 4 or 5.

Does your child say all these words?


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jaznrich jaznrich

I have a small problem with a few words on this list. Cookie- I don't expose my son to cookies, so I wouldn't expect him to know the word, same with juice- he only drinks water or milk.

gofas... gofast_mama

I agree with jaznrich, my ds isn't allowed either of those.

Jmum Jmum

My son is 21 months and he only says 10 of these, plus a couple of more.

Melis... Melissa042807

No. My son says only a handful of words. That's just where he's at. He knows what all those words mean, but he won't say them. Goober. 

Readi... ReadingIsSexy27

My daughter is 2 1/2 now and has always been advanced verbally and said all of these plus many more at her 2nd birthday but I agree with previous posters- my daughter still doesnt get juice and rarely a cookie, and never a cookie at age 2. 

Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

My son will be 2 in 2 weeks and yes, he is saying all of these words and more. It's a relief after our first son was a bit delayed in speech at the same age!

nonmember avatar katelyn

my daughter is 17 months old and she says about half of these words... and knows what all of them mean she also says quite a few words that arent even on here.. at first i was concerned that she wasnt learning words she was supposed to but from the looks of it shes doin pretty good :D good to know shes developing faster then kids older then her :)

Maevelyn Maevelyn

Okay cookies I get (although honestly a cookie here or there probably won't hurt him. I limited cookies to grandma's house for a long time.) but why no juice? I don't give my kids a ton of juice, only the natural stuff and at two it was still cut with water. Honestly, I cut my juice with water half the time.  Exposure has a lot to do with what they learn. That's been an argument against the SATs for a long time. I've known kids who never had fresh foods in the house. I watched my co-worker's 3 year old little girl and she ate all of my fruit! I asked what she could eat and her mom said she didn't have any allergies. When I recounted the list of things she couldn't get enough of bananas, blueberries, Strawberries (thank God she wasn't allergic!)  Her mom was just like "Yeah, she's never had any of that stuff before." The kid was raised on embarrassedpop tarts, cheese its and dark soda. (shudder) Luckily seen how my kids ate and had a bed time (Her daughter stayed up till she passed out most nights) she actually changed her parenting style. I helped her learn how to cook and we've become good friends. 

Nikki Richards

i took my 2 year old daughter to a ear doctor and they weanted to do a speech test on her well found out that she dose not have 100 words yet now a speech comes to my house every mouth for three weeks and she has been doing great that is just missed up that they say that kids should be doing this they learn on there own why should we judy them the way that they talk i just don't get it they will talk when they are ready

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