Preschoolers on Twitter Could Be a Very Dangerous Thing

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Toddler on TwitterTwitter standards stipulate that users must be at least 13 years old to tweet. L'École Albert Camus, a progressive preschool in France, believes otherwise and is using Twitter as a learning tool to teach kids the alphabet.

How very liberal of them.

As a class, the 29 students collaborate and vote on what will be the daily tweet. Two students are then selected to type it out. It's a two-fer, not only are they becoming Scrips' new European spelling bee champion; they are becoming social media ninjas. Never mind the fact that they can’t read or write yet.

The entire Twitter experience is supervised by the teacher and tweeted through the classroom's joint twitter account @camusmat04. So far, the tweets have been sweet. For example, "We gathered snow to see how it turns into water."  Awwww!

But what happens when someone goes rogue with no parental or educational supervision? What then?

I have an idea. I think it will look something like this list of preschooler tweets gone wrong:

  • I jst popped my pants (*TMI alert: I just pooped my pants.)
  • Dus ths diper mak my but lk big (*Does this diaper make my butt look big?)
  • Whrs my BinkE? (Where’s my binky?)
  • My dades not fat his bele is jst big (*My Daddy’s not fat, his belly is just big.)
  • WHts n ambur alrt (*What’s an amber alert?)
  • My mome is waksing herlip (*My Mommy is waxing her lip.)
  • Momes yeling cum get me (*Mommy’s yelling. Come get me!)
  • My god smls funy(*My dog smells funny.)
  • The toth farey stol my teeth (*The Tooth Fairy stole my teeth.)
  • Momes bize popng (*Mommy’s busy pooping.)

If your preschooler was given access to Twitter, what do you think their first tweet would be? What do you think of preschoolers having access to Twitter?

Image via Tammra McCauley/Flickr

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nonmember avatar Alison

Hilarious!! I would expect nothing less from you!! Great post, congrats!! xx, Alison

nonmember avatar Caringmommy

I dont think preschoolers should be on twitter much less the internet that young period! I think even 13 is to young! In my opinion kids should be at least 15 to be allowed on Twitter, Facebook, My space, etc.. Unless a child w/their mother on skype w/their dad who's in the army or something.. Thats understandable. But a child alone on the internet is just ridiculous! But I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Free speech & all that.. So thats gives me the right to have the opinion that people who allow children that young on the internet is just idiotic.. I expressed my opinion. Thats all I have to say about that!

winte... winterglow

A bit more information might have been useful. Firstly this is heavily supervised. The class discusses what they're going to post about and then the teacher helps them formulate the information. Two children are chosen to copy the message into Twitter. None of these children has access to their account (password protected). The information is sent to (mainly) parents. The choice of whether to allow someone to read the messages is debated by the class.  I'm not sure why you would think this is potentially dangerous.

The point of the exercise is to help learn the alphabet.

Gina Lissette White

I know adults who regularly spell like this :)

eliza... elizabethmathis

I think this is a GREAT opportunity about responsible social media use and appropriate internet use.  As they age and continue to class Twitter, I bet they discuss the potential fall-out of every message they Tweet and why some things are inappropriate.  I used to think the internet/social media was completely inappropriate for children but now I'm beginning to think that it is a necessity.  Closely monitor the use and discuss every posting ahead of time; teach responsible digital citizenship.

nonmember avatar BuenoBaby

Go, mama! Hilarious post:)

nonmember avatar Jennifer

So funny! You did a great job with this!

how about :Mome iz derinkin wyn

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