Gift Guide, Toddler: Artiste

Today, great holiday gift suggestions for the Artiste -- the tyke who can't wait to play dress-up, put on a show, bang a drum, paint the world.

Product: Small Miracles Light-Up Tutu

Cost: $25

Where to Buy:,

Extras: Leotard, dance slippers, and ballet class not included.

Why I Love It: Your toddler has to twirl around to make the skirt light up. Personally, anything I can do to help my daughter to release some pent-up energy is a real bonus!


Product: Learning Shoes on Little Feet

Cost: $34

Where to Buy:,

Extras: Your child can actually wear the shoes around the house -- and you can toss them in the wash when they get dirty.

Why I Love It: Before our children become movie stars, they have to know how to tie their shoes so they can run from the paparazzi. With these cute kicks, your tyke can learn to tie laces, fasten Velcro, button, zipper, and buckle.

Product: Band in a Box

Cost: $20

Where to Buy:,

Extras: Moms might want to pick up a set of earplugs.

Why I Love It: I'm just a huge fan of Melissa and Doug wooden toys. They last forever, and best of all, the instruments fit nicely in a box so you can keep clutter at bay. Includes a tambourine, cymbals, maracas, clacker, tone blocks and a triangle.

Product: Young Artists Learn to Paint Set

Cost: $15

Where to Buy:,

Extras: If the hobby takes off, you may want to invest in an eisel, which is not included with this set.

Why I Love It:  Watercolors are nice, but this set with washable paint will really make your 4 to 5 year old feel like Rembrandt. My daughter loves dipping the brushes into the palate. Contains paper, instructions for mixing paint, and tips and tricks.

Tomorrow, I tackle gift ideas for the little Brainiac in your life. It's part of the our Holiday Gift Guide all this week in Daily Buzz.

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