3-Year-Old's Viral Video Gets Him a Role in Adam Sandler Movie (VIDEO)


baseball toddlerGood news! Turns out there's an upside to posting videos of your adorable kid on YouTube after all -- at least if your adorable kid just happens to be incredibly talented. Case in point: 3-year-old Christian Haupt, a precocious preschooler whose advanced baseball skills prompted his parents to do the whole film kid/upload footage for the world to see thing.

Although I bet Christian's mom and dad never expected their son's YouTube video to catch the eye of a Hollywood power player ...

Which is exactly what happened. A casting director for the upcoming Adam Sandler film That's My Boy stumbled across Christian's clip on YouTube while searching for someone to play the role of a young ballplayer ... and the rest, as they say, is history. The movie, which also stars Leighton Meester and Andy Samberg, hits theaters in June.

I can't imagine a more amazingly memorable experience for a kid like Christian, who apparently calls himself "Baseball Konrad," likes his bedtime stories to be about Babe Ruth, and insists on wearing his cleats and jersey to preschool every day.

Plus, Adam Sandler looks like the sweetest co-star ever. Check it out:

Whether he ends up in show biz or pro ball, I think it's safe to say Christian has a bright future ahead!

Would you post a video of your talented toddler on YouTube?

Image via cathybyrdie/YouTube

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the4m... the4mutts

I would yes. But I think the point here, is AHWWWW!! How sweet, cute, lucky, and great! Adam Sandler seems *interviews, movies, whatnot* to be a really funny guy, laid back, and likes kids.

I bet the movie will be a "hit" ;)

Sorry, bad pun, I know haha

Beth McCabe Weisleder

Incredible little guy !! Most kids - including my son - started with T-ball at 6 yrs old. The Yankees will probably draft him now :)

Elect... Electronica_Mom

Adam Sandler is great. period. I hope that lil blond cutie is something great. Where is the original video the parents uploaded?

lorel... lorelei10

yeah that kid is getting drafted the second hes of age lol

nonmember avatar Teri Webb

That's awesome! Hope it leads to interfaces for the little cutie. I would totally post my kids talent. Wouldn't want to keep it all to myself. Lol.

Cowbo... CowboysAngel02

Yes I would post it. Hope this opportunity leads to wonderful things for little Christian:)

jessi... jessicasmom1

yes why not  and good  for him 

Krista Mitchell Crane

This reminds me of my son at this age. It brought back some Great memories. My son is now 17yrs old, an Outstanding Lefty Pitcher & great Hitter, only a JR, yet has schools interested in him. Start em young, this little guy is gonna Definately go far, if his choice is to stay in baseball. He's Outstanding!
Give him a Huge Hug and tell him Krista/a stranger Loves it!

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