A Beer Stein Isn't the Worst Thing Your Kid Could Bring Home From Preschool

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beer steinWould you be upset if your kid came home from preschool with a beer stein? Right now you're probably thinking something along the lines of, "What, a real beer stein? I don't think a big heavy beer stein would even fit in his Thomas the Tank Engine backpack. What with the crayons and the extra pair of socks and the take-home folder and all. Oh, you must mean like an art project type of thing! Like a little clay beer stein, maybe for Father's Day. Cute. Wait, what was the question?"

Exactly. Of course you wouldn't be upset. It wouldn't even occur to you to be upset, especially if the beer stein your kid brought home was a tiny little plastic one. And it just happened to be Learning About Other Countries month at preschool, and that particular day's lesson -- Germany -- included a lederhosen-clad accordion player and drinking apple juice out of tiny plastic beer steins.

No, you wouldn't be upset! Unless you were Elyse Bulla of Cincinnati ...

In which case you would be absolutely outraged. When Bulla's 4-year-old son Braden came home from Germany day at his preschool with that little plastic beer stein, his mom was not amused. The stein was "entirely inappropriate," she said -- inappropriate enough, apparently, for her to get into a heated discussion with the preschool's principal.

Which ended with the principal asking Bulla to leave the premises.

Bulla has no idea why she's being treated like an irrationally overprotective mom:

“He’s my son, and yes I am protective ... I know I cannot be the only person who thinks this is wrong.”

Here's the thing, though -- she can be the only person who thinks this is wrong! I wouldn't be at all surprised if she is the only person who thinks this is wrong!

Look, I would understand her concern if the preschool poured actual beer in those little beer steins. Or if they served hash brownies on Amsterdam day. Come on, lady. Are you serious? The next 18 years are going to be damn long if you let yourself get this upset over every little thing that isn't any little thing in the first place.

Would you be upset if your preschooler brought home a little plastic beer stein?

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Mama2... Mama2MonkeyBoys

Nope, but we are the generation of complainers, so I'm not surprised someone decided to be offended by it.

1badmom 1badmom

I think it's inappropriate, but I don't know that I'd be outraged enough to get in the principal's face about it...especially to the point of being kicked off the premises.

Parents who may be recovering alcoholics probably wouldn't have found it amusing either.

I think the school used poor judgment.

nursemc nursemc

I think I would be more insulted as a German than a parent. Is that really the only thing they could think of to represent Germany, beer? Obviously they didn't pour beer in the stein but they did tell the kids what it was right? They talked about beer to little kids (in a positive light I'm assuming), totally inappropriate. Enough to make me freak out? No, but I might have been tempted to call the school and ask a few questions.

mem82 mem82

I would be annoyed. I don't want my child even 'pretend' drinking. I don't think I'd yell at someone, though.

nicko... nickolleen

People need to get a life. What harm do they think will come of this? That their kids will now want a beer? Seriously, people.

onefo... onefootcutiepie

My parents lived in Germany for a time and we had a bunch of beer steins that we drank regular drinks out of.... *shrugs*

April... AprilJune

I also think it was inappropriate for preschool (and a total reinforcement of a stereotype), but not inappropriate enough for me to contact my child's school. Teachable moments, right? I am fully capable of explaining such a situation to my child and incorporating a little more German history into that explanation, that is maybe a little more age appropriate. I'm surprised this happened, but it is kind of funny. So many worse things to get upset over!

nonmember avatar Q

Poor judgment, but I'd probably make a snarky comment, roll my eyes and move on with my life...not make a federal case out of it!

Shana... ShanardraJames

I got drunk at age 5 from drinking my parents margaritas they had for a party. Woke up in a closet holding a pool.stick...had to go to school the next day.

Kids like the taste of alcohol, and how it's "off limits".

Braden will be shooting up dope by middle school.

nonmember avatar MommyMitzi

I wouldn't have had a problem with it, at least not in that context. Also it sounds like it was a day of German themed events, not just a speech about how all Germans do is drink beer followed by the passing out of the steins. All things in appropriate and moderate context people.

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