6 Ways to Take Breakfast From So-So to Super

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rainbow pancakeAh breakfast, the most important meal of the day. When it comes to toddlers, however, it can also become one of the most frustrating meals of the day. You want them to start the day off right, but sometimes, nothing just seems right enough for them to eat.

At my house, the biggest problem is the dreaded rut. We get in the habit of putting a rotation of the same things on our kids' plates each morning -- Greek yogurt, cereal, fruit, whole wheat waffles, and some turkey sausages. After awhile I even get bored of making it. Fortunately, whether you're dealing with a picky eater or just want to add a little extra fun to your morning, there are plenty of ways to take breakfast and make it even better. Here are six fun things to try:

1. Cookie Cutters

Use fun shapes to cut out whole wheat toast, pancakes, or waffles.

2. Molds

Pancakes taste much better when they look like their favorite characters. Or just try free-styling it in the pan and see what you come up with.

3. Let Them Play With Their Food

Give them a bagel, pancake, or waffle and an assortment of healthy toppings, and let them create a masterpiece. Show them some picture of things like this bagel lion for inspiration.

4. Food Coloring Is Your Friend

Green eggs and ham, anyone? Add a few drops (natural if you like) to eggs, pancake batter, milk, and anything else you want them to gobble up quickly. It's especially fun theme out foods around the holidays.

5. Special Plates and Bowls 

Every toddler knows that things just taste better when eaten off of Elmo's face. It's amazing how excited toddlers get about a new bowl, plate, or utensil once in awhile.

6. Dinner for Breakfast

Lots of people do breakfast for dinner, but there's nothing wrong with flipping that tradition upside down. Grilled cheese on whole wheat, quesadillas, or even a turkey sandwich can make good, filling breakfasts, and kids will think it's crazy fun.

In what ways do you attempt to banish breakfast boredom?

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lovin... loving.life

Food coloring is NOT your friend.

jayde... jaydensmom1726

thank you love.life somone else said what i was thinking

nonmember avatar Markey

Food dyes should NOT be given to children--any children! They are so bad that the UK and the EU requires warning labels on products containing artificial food dyes!

nonmember avatar Christine

Yeah the food coloring for breakfast doesn't seem right.

Disney17 Disney17

Eh, wouldn't happen in my house. When I was little, my dad would make a big brunch on Sundays after church. We'd usually get cheesy "Chris'" eggs, corned beef hash, toast, etc. Saturday mornings if we didn't have sporting events we'd have sugary cereal and cartoons. On school days we had Cherios or toast. My parents didn't have time to make special breakasts for five kids before having to get us to school. If you raise children to eat what's in front of them, they will.

nonmember avatar txmom

Frozen french toast sticks are yummy when dipped in syrup. I didn't see a mention of fruit...that is half of every breakfast. Also, adding a 3 or 4 chocolate chips to pancakes is enticing to a picky toddler. Biscuits a small piece of chicken is also a new treat...dipped in ketchup! :)

myson... mysonsmom2011

sliced apples with alittle peanut butter (for protien) plain ol cheerios are my 4yr olds favorite right now. Even peanut butter or jam on waffles/pancakes is better then sugary syrup. Oranges are fun when cut into small wedges you can do orange smiles. There is plenty of fun ways to change it up a bit and intrest children in breakfast, even if you have more then 1 child... Fruit is time consuming to slice or cut up. Do it the night before... Never had a problem being creative even on time crunches...

amy7243 amy7243

I havent had to be creative yet.

lalas... lalasmama2007

My dd always had her own special plates. She'd like it if I used cookie cutters and molds, but I never think of it.

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