Budget Santa Part II

toddler opening presents

Photo by akme10607

Earlier this week, I brought up the not-so-fun topic of bracing your kids for getting fewer presents this holiday if your finances are stretched. I loved the comment from imasurvivor, who added a bunch of her own ideas for a present-filled Christmas on less money. She even turned her more presents with less money tips into a Journal.

Here's a quick peek at some of her tips before you jump to her post:


"Kids (and apparently husbands, too) can easily forget what they already have, so I re-gift the 'missing bulk' for under the tree with what's already lying around the house or what I've saved up through out the year!

"A tucked away unopened/unused birthday present, a book or toy they've had but never really noticed b4, a shirt, pants, socks, dress ... whatever they may NEED & that they've never worn before or knew even existed."

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