'Toddlers & Tiaras' Moms vs. Media: Who's Sexualizing These Little Girls? (VIDEO)


toddlers tiarasToddlers and Tiaras pageant mom Susanna Barrett is mad. She's just sick and tired of the way the media sexualizes little girls, and she's not going to take it anymore! In fact, she's launched a $30 million lawsuit against the Huffington Post, TMZ, and The Daily Mail for "brazenly" trying to sexualize her daughter, Isabella Barrett.

Yeah, take that, wicked, over-sexed media people! This sexualizing of innocent 5-year-old girls has got to stop! Just because little Isabella was caught on video singing along to the song "I'm Sexy and I Know It," with a microphone, with mommy sitting right next to her... wait, something is very wrong with this picture, and I don't think it has anything to do with TMZ, HuffPo, or Daily Mail.

So let me see if I have this right: Susanna has her daughter sing that song, it gets filmed, these media outlets cover it, and she's suing them? Um, that's kind of like if I kicked a dog and someone posted it on YouTube and then I sued them for animal cruelty. I mean, who is sexualizing who in this scenario, really?

True, TMZ describes Isabella as "dancing" when she clearly remains seated. She's still shimmying. Or is there another name for that movement when you shake your shoulders back and forth? And there's the arm movements that appear to be coached. It's not like she was just sitting there in jeans and a hoddie, passively, not moving a muscle, while the music played. Someone put that microphone in her hand and told her to sing along.

Huh. If I were concerned about media outlets sexualizing my kid I'd probably have her sing "Thank Heavens for Little Girls" or some other, um, less-sexy song. We haven't always listened to the most approapriate music in our home. I don't run to change the music fast enough, sometimes, when something totally wrong for kids comes on. But for crying out loud, I wouldn't teach my kid THE LYRICS to a song like that! It's all right for a mother to teach her daughter to sing "Sexy and I Know It" in public, but it's not okay for TMZ to notice and tell everyone about it -- is that the point here?

Do you think it makes sense for Barrett to sue these media outlets -- or is she ignoring her own responsibility?


Image via TMZ


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NBean311 NBean311

I'm not siding with this mom, but who said she taught her daughter the lyrics? There is a video on this very website of a 3 year old little boy dancing and singing to "Sexy and I know it" and nobody thought it was sexual... Just cute and funny. Maybe not 100% appropriate but he doesn't know what it means, and every little kid does something like this at some point. It doesn't need to be such a huge deal.

nonmember avatar zizzler

even if she didn't teach her the lyrics, she's her mother and thus responsible for her kid knowing something inappropriate like that, and more so, encouraging her to sing and dance along. Also, little boys aren't over sexualized in the media so it's different than this little girl, who's mother is suing $30mil for the exact thing she herself is doing to her kid.

momo3... momo3fgr8tteens

I'm just wondering who put all that makeup on her daughters face-mom or media???? You decide.

nonmember avatar yo

I hope this lawsuit gets thrown out and she gets reprimanded for wasting their time. Seriously. $30million??

nonmember avatar none

YOU MAY want to check your facts before you write about something in the public eye...or YOU may just be sued as well...do a little research...


I hope she loses. Hell I hope those companies sue her for slander. She made the choice to have her daughter made up to look way older than she she. She made the choice to let her daughter sing that song. If that were my kids you'd be seeing me telling them not to sing that song because they aren't sexy. Having your little girls in pageants like this are sexualizing them.

doll0302 doll0302

If she wasn't a toddlers and tiara star, would this even be an issue? No, it would be a little kid singing a popular song. My daughter used to do ballet. The teacher said that for recital, they had to wear heavy stage makeup, and no panties under their leotard. I didn't like this, but i don't think that she was trying to sexualize the girls. Give people a break. The pageant world is all about dress up. Much like some designers have a fashion show with WAY over the top fashions that would never be worn on a typical day. People need to get over it.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Theres a huge difference between a ballet recital and a beauty pageant.

The ballet recital focuses first and foremost on the dance - and the kids practice more on basic skills (first-fifth position for the body, plies, arabesque, etc) to develop balance, strength, and bodily awareness. Even when they put it all together, the focus is on those things, not on how "pretty" the dancers are, or how "sexy" they appear. The heavy makeup was to balance out the harsh stage lighting, so the dancers' features are not obscured. The "no panty" rule was so the leotards and tights lay smoothly and don't hitch.

Pageants are all about the look. How can this child look better than that one? Can we choose a song that's going to be so "edgy" and over the top that the judges remember? The focus is not on the talent, it's on appearance. Talent takes a back seat.

This woman is delusional if she thinks the media is at fault. I agree that they exacerbate the problem, and I'm not willing to let them off the hook completely, because they're all about "look at this so we can sell issues", and not about "look at this outrage, this is how to stop it". But she is the one dressing her child up, putting her in a NIGHTCLUB, singing songs about sex. And no, I didn't think the other kids singing that same song were cute either. They're all inappropriate.

CPN322 CPN322

Some of you are missing the point. Which is that her lawsuit is absurd!!!! This country is so freaking sue happy, ugh.

CPN322 CPN322

totally agree with Ponychaser

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