Old-Fashioned Portraits of Kids Are Totally Creepy (PHOTOS)

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hidden mom creepy photoAs someone who hasn't taken a new family photo in over a year, I know how difficult it can be to get small children to be still for the camera. To look into the lens, not have a runny nose, and definitely not be screaming and/or hitting. But my own family photos have got nothing on those that were being taken during the humble beginnings of photography. You know, those days before the timer, before the auto focus, and especially before you could shoot 15 frames a second.

Which is why parents were even more challenged to get their little ones still and looking lovely for the family photo. But I can't help but wonder -- why couldn't mom be in the picture, instead of being hidden under a rug, blanket, or something equally as creepy? You realize you now have a photograph of your children that's a complete horror show, right?

Yep, these are by far the creepiest pictures of children, with their mothers hidden in the background, you've ever seen.


creepy familly photoThis calls to mind the velvet lining of a baby casket. NOT the look you would want to go for in a baby photo. Nightmares are on tap for tonight.

creepy familly photoIs that the Dark Nun coming to take you away? What. The. Freak? Also, does this baby have some kind of spotting disease that has since been eradicated by vaccines?

creepy familly photoOopsie! There's a pair of knees!

Are you totally creeped out by these photos?


Images (top to bottom): Crafty Dogma/Flickr, depthandtime/Flickr, Crafty Dogma/Flickr, Crafty Dogma/Flickr

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Boobo... Boobookittt74

I've always thought they were creepy looking. Reminds me of old horror movies

2love 2love

LMAO those are fabulously funny! I wonder why they thought the mother wasnt visible.

elibee elibee

They're just old photos. I don't get it. You don't have old photos in your family?

nonmember avatar Creepy

You're being stupid. Old pictures aren't creepy.


stace... stacey541

I like them! And the way they are supposed to be matted usually cuts out things like the knees in the last photo...they were just working with what they had!

jagam... jagamama0710

lol I don't really find them creepy, just funny and interesting to look at.

Old death photos though...those are creepy. Also interesting, but creepy. Especially the ones where they tried to make them look alive still. Or how any living people in the picture were sometimes slightly blurred from movement while the dead were completely in focus since they, obviously, weren't moving. 

nonmember avatar Book

These are photos of the deceased...glad they stopped doing this a long time ago!

Zyva Zyva

Much better than the pictures of children that have passed on. Now those get slightly creepy. 

nonmember avatar gerry

Please tell me people don't get paid posting this garbage!

nonmember avatar Signature

@gerry, yes, it is a sad truth.

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