5 Toddler Tantrums That Make Moms Want to Scream

tantrumSharie Manon, star of Glam Fairy, recently had a really bad mommy moment. TMZ caught up with her on the street and started asking her about celebrities whose hair she'd like to do. She got out Justin Bieber ... then the whining started.

Her toddler daughter, Emerson, was with her, and she clearly wasn't up for the interview. The reporter kept going despite her protests, but things don't end pretty. It was tantrum city. Watch for yourself:


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As uncomfortable as it was to watch, Sharie appeared pretty calm in what's always a humiliating experience -- public temper tantrums. Public tantrums captured on film to be shared all over the web have got to be even worse.

But that's what toddlers do. They throw tantrums and usually do so at the worst possible times. Here are five inevitable and infuriating times toddlers have tantrums:

1. In front of your mother-in-law.

You know she'll never think you're doing everything right, and this just proves it. You can hear her tsk-ing to her bridge club already.

2. When you least expect it.

One minute you're skipping along, holding hands, singing songs in your heart about the beauty of motherhood, and the next he's on his stomach pounding on the grass. "Why?" you ask. The answer: "Becauuuuuuuuuuuse it's greeeeeeeeeen. I don't like green grass!!!!!!"

3. When you're in a hurry.

Lunches packed, backpacks ready, shoes on, and you have one minute to spare to get out the door. Then just as you go to pat yourself on the back, down goes the toddler on her back screaming and ripping off the shoes you just put on her feet because she's NOT going to school today. Students with toddler siblings should get an extra allotment of tardy days.

4. In the grocery store.

Why is it ALWAYS the grocery store?

5. Just when you think she's outgrown that stage.

Of course, you should never utter the words "she's in a good place" out loud, because you know that's just asking for trouble. But even thinking to yourself, Wow, she's really learning to express herself with words instead of throwing herself in the middle of the floor and shrieking like a stuck pig, pretty much guarantees regression. To be on the safe side, just assume those tantrums will last at least until your kid graduates from high school. Even then, be careful.

When are the most frustrating times your toddlers throw tantrums?

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