Want to Know What Your Toddler Is Thinking? Ask 'Philosotoddler'! (PHOTOS)

cat memeToddlers are a sneaky lot. They're so much smarter than they'd have us believe. Which just proves how smart they are, really -- the longer it takes for us to catch on, the longer we wait on them hand and foot. It's a pretty sweet deal, why mess with a good thing?

If you've ever looked into your toddler's eyes and caught a glimpse of what's really going on in that cute little head, you'll get the humor behind Philosotoddler, the hot meme of the moment. This kid's got more on his mind than the average adult! And he's definitely a deep thinker. (An existentialist, perhaps.)

The beauty of Philosotoddler? You can browse existing (hilarious) images, or create an original. We couldn't resist making a few of our own (including the one to your left) ...


And this next one.

(Cause the whole "wee, wee, wee" thing has just got to freak kids out.)

piggies meme

Oh, about Grandma? Philosotoddler is afraid she might be going senile ...

babysitter meme

As for leaving your computer unattended ... Philosotoddler doesn't recommend it.

apple juice meme

And seriously. Enough with the farm animal noises.

moo meme

What would your Philosotoddler say?


Images via quickmeme

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