Cartoons Don't Turn Kids Into Brats, Parents Do


Peppa Pig

Move over SpongeBob, it seems there's a new cartoon villain in town. Her name is Peppa Pig, and she's causing quite a stink with parents. 

Personally, I'm no fan of the cartoon. Pigs with a British accent are pretty cute, but all that snorting drives me mad. Other parents have much bigger issues with the porky little cartoon character, however, and claim she and her cheeky little ways are driving droves of toddlers to act like brats

Parents say they're banning the show, because their toddlers simply can't behave after watching Peppa. The Telegraph reports that from sassy backtalk to their parents to splashing in mud puddles, this pig is promoting some piggish behavior. Because clearly no toddler would ever jump in a puddle or speak with anything less than respect to an adult if they didn't see a pig do it first, right?


One father told the paper:

George Pig, who my son loves, says 'Yuck' at vegetables and only wants to eat chocolate cake. A day after watching that episode, my son wouldn't eat his cucumber and tomatoes.

Let's roast the pig!

I certainly have shows I don't let my children watch. SpongeBob is a good example, because I find that guy creepier than hell. But I don't think he's powerful enough to overcome the parenting lessons I try to instill in them the rest of the 23 and half hours a day when they're not watching him. IF I do let them watch it on occasion (only at an Embassy Suites Hotel -- long story), then I watch with them and we talk about why that kind of behavior isn't nice.

I'm all for parents denying their children any program -- all programs for that matter -- if that's what they think is best for their family. I just don't think that Peppa Pig should be blamed for terrible toddler behavior. Parents should.

Our kids are going to be subjected to all sorts of "bad influences" throughout their lives, many of which we won't be able to control. If it's not Peppa, it's going to be that brat in their Little Gym class, and so on. So I think it's best if we get used to the idea now that our parenting needs to be more powerful than any outside messages and stop passing the blame onto cute little pigs or anyone else.

Do you let your kids watch Peppa Pig? Do you notice any bad behavior because of it?

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Eques... EquestrianMom

We haven't run across peppa pig. That said, my son LOVES spongebob. Ironically, he spends the whole time I let him watch it (rare, it drives me nuts) pointing out all the mean, rude, naughty, stupid, and impossible things spongebob and characters do. Not limited to the big stuff, but things like "that wasn't a very nice thing for spongbob to say to his best freind. I'd never say that to derek!" So yeah, we don't watch it much, cause it makes Mommy want to pull her hair out or stick my head in the oven, but when we do, it doesn't cause bad behaviour. Neither have any of the other "questionable" cartoons we've veiwed from time to time. Apparently, the other hours we spend working on good manners and behaviour out weigh the brain rotting tv. That said, my son still jumps in puddles, when he's allowed, because, well, its fun! I do too! LOL!

AliNo... AliNoelle

Heh. I love Spongebob and even watch it when the kids aren't around. I haven't seen Peppa Pig but when my older boyos were little I banned Caillou. I absolutely could NOT stand that whiny little kid.

TeganB TeganB

My daughter really likes Peppa Pig. She's only 19 months, but she likes imitating the snorting sounds, and I think it's kinda cute. I also like it because while the parents are perfect "do everything right all the time" parents, they are always happy and loving.  

yayhe... yayheadstart

my kids love peppa! the only show i have banned in my house is barney. can't stand that crap! i also agree with arinoelle that caillou is super annoying.

nonmember avatar Dana

Peppa is my all-time favorite kids show! Okay, well maybe it ties with Sesame Street, but that show is absolutely delightful and clever and so much more enjoyable than 99.9% of what's out there.

Ngelulu Ngelulu

My daughter watches that show, and never has she imitated anything more than the snorting sounds. I think some people overreact =/. If you don't like it, change the channel, there are PLENTY of other cartoons out there for them to watch. 

nonmember avatar SpongeBob

Team Sponge Bob here.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Peppa Pig? Are you joking? This has to be one of the most tame shows ever concenptualized! Its on Nick Jr for Christ's sake. 

Now that Franklin...he's a little bastard. lol

jpfsmom jpfsmom

I can't stand Olivia (the other pig) she's a whiney bitch.

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