Cutie With Down Syndrome Will Change How You See Special Needs (VIDEO)


Maddox McClinticI'm a sucker for cute kids. Who isn't, right? But a little girl named Maddox McClintic is more than just your everyday adorable toddler. The 2-year-old with Down syndrome is quickly becoming the best reminder to the world that special needs kids are more than their diagnosis.

A clever (and now viral) video made by Maddox's mom, Jamie, specifically to teach a lesson to people who call her little girl a mongoloid or retard is striking a nerve with the special needs community. Through the now popular YouTube trick of flashing cards at the screen, Jamie McClintic explains that everything people assume about her daughter is wrong.

The video is too powerful not to share, but first, pop quiz time: when you hear the words "Down syndrome," what do you picture? A child with upward slanting eyes and a flattened nose? A child with diminished mental capacity? Or do you just picture a person? Period? Get ready to have your mind changed.

It's hard to say it better than that. Although the words on the McClintic family's website do it pretty well: "I am just like any other child, I am not fragile, I like to laugh, play, cry, and have all the same feelings, emotions, and desire for acceptance that you do. "

Trying to lump kids into one group because of their diagnosis is a pervasive problem in the special needs community, and it stretches much farther than any of us would expect. Last week when I shared a story right here on The Stir about a mother whose son has autism, I heard many moms of children on the spectrum voice frustrations with school districts that fail to realize that autism affects every kid differently!

If school professionals supposedly trained to work with kids don't know, the chance that these kids can get a fair shake from the general public is slim to none. And yet, that's why videos like the McClintic's are so important to share, why seeing Maddox's beautiful little face behind those words is so impactful. We need to start looking at these kids as just that: kids. Beautiful, wonderful, unique kids.

Tell us about the special needs kid in your life. What makes them so special TO YOU?


Image via McClintic Family/YouTube

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Kritika Kritika

I'm sorry I'm so tired of these "flash card" videos. You're on camera. Speak. If you want to write it down just get a blog!

jessi... jessicasmom1

I don't like to see all the flash card videos there are too many going viral .. this little girl is a cutie ,, no matter what!

nonmember avatar Fanny

Flash card videos are stupid. Especially when the person being "spoken for" can't even write, let alone talk for themselves.

That baby is being exploited by her parent for attention. I think it's just one of those videos that people make because they want blog writers to talk about them.

nonmember avatar ReginaSavage

I don't like kids, I don't like "viral" videos.

This one just killed me though... That kid is so cute, seems so happy and so full of life. No, she can't speak for herself, but do you honestly think that she wouldn't be saying this stuff if she could?

AngiDas AngiDas

The comments above are missing the point completely. 

mount... mountainmommy37

oh my goodness people, why all the HATE??  This is a beautiful little video done by a mom who really seems to care.  Shame on you all for being so judgemental of "those stupid flash card videos".  Really, DONT watch them if you think they're stupid. 

brand... brandspanknnew

I have a little cousin, who I love dearly with all my heart. She has down syndrome. She is probably the most outgoing talented girl I have ever met in my life. She plays basketball, sings, dances, cooks, everything! She overcame everything in her life, from the doctors saying she would be deaf to that she may be blind, and she didn't have any of those things!

Tommy... TommyAbby

I work in a clinic for adults and kids with special needs. I also have 2 kids with Down Syndrome. Tommy and Abby have taught so many so much about love, patience, and the drive to learn.  Everyone can learn a lot from kids with special needs if they would just pay attention and not be so self-centered.

nonmember avatar jessica

All these people and their negative comments need to go to hell.. Did you just miss the whole point of this video weither it was with flash cards,speaking or sign language.. Its all the same. Thats whats wrong with all these people in this world. They always have something to say and love to piss people off. If you have nothing nice to say then dont say it at all or go to HELL people.

nonmember avatar marion

I think Maddox is a beautiful,smart little girl. People that say mean things just don't understand or get it about life. And I feel sorry for those people. I have worked with children for 30 years. I will never be tired of children because I love them ALL!

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