Do You Do the Flu Shot?

If you vaccinate your child, just a reminder that doctors now recommend the flu shot for kids of ALL ages--6 months through age 18--but especially for older babies and toddlers. Their immune systems are still fragile, upping the risk of complications such as pneumonia. Children 6 months to 2 actually end up in the hospital for the flu as often as seniors over 65, and some of them even die.


Which brings up another reason we should make sure our family is protected, and that includes you, Mom! Babies up to 6 months can't get the shot and are pretty much open targets, so we need to surround them with as many healthy, germ-free people as possible. Even older babies who are between their first and second immunizations are not safe from those nasty flu bugs--just read the tragic story of Ian Moise. (Also see what PregnancyBuzz blogger Melisa has to say about the flu shot for moms-to-be).

If you're worried about vaccines, you should know that a small percentage of shots still do contain traces of mercury. And because there are lots of different opinions about an autism link, you're well within your rights to request a thimerisol-free shot for your child.


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