My Target Nurse-In Photo Is Going Viral!


Target Nurse-In 2I really should have thicker skin if I’m going to do stuff like this. I was at the park with my friend and her daughter, and as we were piling into the car to go home, I got a text from another friend asking “Are you going to Target today?”

“Hell no,” I said, imagining post-Christmas crowds of bargain shoppers.

She replied with a link to an article about a mom in Texas who was harassed for breastfeeding in a Target there. Nurse-ins were happening at Targets around the country, it said, with photos posted to a Facebook page.

“Change of plans!” I announced, and we pointed the car toward the nearest Target, and squeezed off the shot you see here. I thought mine would be among a bunch of other pics, and quickly forgotten, like when we protested Facebook’s blocking of breastfeeding photos a couple of years ago.

But it's sticking around, and people are continuing to comment. This could get interesting.

The ride to Target was really fun. The girls in back were asking “Where are we going?” so my friend and I told the story: “A mommy was giving her baby num-num in a store, and they told her ‘You can’t do that!’ and she said ‘Yes I can!’ But they didn’t listen, so she went home and told her friends, and now we’re all going to take pictures of us giving babies num-num to send the store so they won’t do that ever again.”

“Tell the story of the mommy and the num-num again!” they cheered from the back seat, and we felt like latter-day freedom riders, only we faced much less peril. (I mean, duh.)

At the store, we ran in, boggled at the bargains (they really were quite amazing), and took the pictures you see here. This is in Colma, California, about 10 minutes south of San Francisco. It’s a town known, essentially, for its malls and its cemeteries; that’s basically all you’ll find there. This Target, plus the Carter’s outlet and the Michaels that share the same parking lot, has seen me breastfeed more times than I’d like to count, and everyone there has always been helpful and kind, so I felt sure they wouldn’t mind my using them to encourage their corporate office to be more explicit about the company’s policies. Indeed, they didn’t even blink (or, really, notice) when I took this playful pic.

Target Nurse-In

We were back in the car within 10 minutes, and I was home and cooking dinner before you could say “Hey, they sell nursing bras here, too!”

I uploaded to the group site, to my home page, and to Target Baby (it's still there -- the page is just really busy). That’s when things started to get loud. The fact is, Target has – to its credit – been running around trying to undo the horrible publicity that a few stupid, thoughtless, and frankly bigoted Texans has brought them, and I acknowledged that in the comments under my photo. Nonetheless, dozens of women have posted that even though they support breastfeeding, they find my photo to be EXTREME! And OBNOXIOUS! And PART OF THE PROBLEM!

One woman actually said this photo made her throw up a little in her mouth. Never mind that that's the most overused movie quote in history. I just -- really? What is so throw-uppy about this? I seriously worry for the sanity of someone who feels the need to hurl because I'm being silly with the side of my boob and my 16-month-old daughter.

I’ve stopped reading the comments unless I recognize the commenter’s name – my friend Deirdre, an LC and midwife in Nyack, New York, who has given me immeasurable support with my weird questions over the years, cracked me up when she called breastfeeding covers “boob burkas.” I had to also point out that, well, I often don’t expect to see a butt-crack sticking up out of low-rise jeans, but when that happens, I don’t act offended and tell the person to cover up. I bite my tongue and go about my day, because it doesn’t really make a difference, and I don’t have the right to object.

I’m leaving the picture up, and I’m not really bothered by the mild objections. But I am surprised that something so obvious and playful would create such a scornful reaction.

What do you think? Isn’t it obvious I’m being playful and silly in support of someone far away, or do you think I deserve the verbal spanking?

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nonmember avatar Graciesmom

My support of BFing aside I really don't understand how you didn't expect this reaction. It seems you did this to get a reaction. For every positive one there is a negative and the fact is that many people - right or wrong - don't want to see photos like this. I do think it is good to ignore the comments and I hope it makes people more aware of their reactions and the need to support BFing moms who aren't looking to elicit a reaction and just want to feed their babies

bubble51 bubble51

Is this protest really that important? Wait until your children are grown, this protest will not mean a thing. How about volunteering somewhere that would make more of an impact on people lives than wasting time protesting at the Target stores.

JCKit... JCKitten87

to me its obvious you are just being silly but there are so many ppl with their heads up their butts that they probably think that is how you'd actually feed your daughter in a store LOL my god the back pain that would inflict

Stacey. Stacey.

GROSS. It IS part of the problem. Being so IN YOUR FACE gives other moms a bad rep. WHile you dont have to "cover up" you also dont need to make it so glaringly obvious. This does look sexual the way your boob is out, reminds me of a man sucking on a boob in a porno, not a mother lovingly feeding her child like the 1st pic you showed.


Also this mother was sitting in an aisle. that is not appropriate to do in any store, whether its sitting in an aisle to talk on the phone, breast feed or whatever. If she really was 'wronged" by target why not him em where it hurts, their wallet, and SUE.

nonmember avatar Lydia

The picture is not gross, however, I still don't particularly care to walk into Target and find anyone's boob. You mentioned the crack from low rise jeans -those women hopefully know the risks there, but I do not believe they are consciously exposing themselves. When you decide to breastfeed your child in public, and should absolutely do so when your baby is hungry, is it really too much to ask for you to use a blanket, a cover, or a dressing room? Wasn't the lady who caused this whole thing sitting on the floor?? I am currently breastfeeding my third child, and while I try not to plan my outings and errands when any of my children will be hungry, I have been out at restaurants and stores many a time with a hungry baby. I have either covered up and gone about my business or made a beeline for the checkout counter (or parked my cart somewhere) and went to the car...not only because I don't think people should have to see me, but because I prefer some privacy! Again, it's about respect. It's totally natural to feed your child and you should be able to do it an there you need to, but you don't have to make strangers uncomfortable to do it.

nonmember avatar Lydia

And another thing - many of the women advocating breastfeeding in public without covers like to use the line, "If you don't like it, don't look." You yourself said you look away from the offensive bootyshots from low rise jeans. But doesn't a nurse-in kind of scream, "Hey look at me and my boob!"? Sends a mixed message, in my opinion,

nonmember avatar jess

Fuck the haters. I love it!

ashja ashja

You go, girl! As long as other women keep comparing a child eating a meal to crapping, vomiting and now, ^^changing a tampon, this will never change. At least our kids won't be raised to be so uptight and ignorant! God forbid the breast is seen in other than a sexual context! It is really disturbing that this many women are this uptight and disgusted by their own bodies! Good for you!

nezling nezling

to just plop down, whip out your boob and feed your kid in front of everyone is a bit much. having a menstrual cycle is natural for women too, you don't want to see someone cop a squat and switch out their pad/tampon in the middle of the dish aisle. it's called having some decorum, we should all look into it........

nonmember avatar Ohmyskitltles

I don't know why you are so proud of nurse-ins. They are making a joke of a good cause. I am starting to think the cause isnt even the point for you anymore. You are clearly out for attention by posting the pictures and posting multiple articles about it. If you want nursing in public to be normal, making a big deal out of it is peddling backwards. Also, I don't think pics on Facebook that you posted yourself and on a mommy blog qualifies as "going viral". The only reason I would never nurse in public is because it's not very sanitary. Especially a target.

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