Cute Boy Will Do Anything to Get a Donut (VIDEO)


Boy wants a donutYou know how when a toddler really wants something, there's pretty much nothing he or she won't try in an effort to get it? Well, here's one tenacious tot who won't be deterred from his mission no matter what. The object of his affection: A donut.

No matter that he's caught red-handed or dirty-mouthed as the case may be, he's not going to admit he already had one or more donuts. Well, he might admit it, but then he takes it back. Check him out as he tries to work his magic.

His fake cry is the BEST. Then when his mom busts him, he tries to change his story ... a couple of times. "I just had food ... I just had rice and beans." He's going to try anything to get those donuts, but his mom isn't budging. She gets major points for resisting that adorable face.

Of course, you never want to encourage lying in kids, but it's pretty funny when they're this young and you can see right through them. My 2-year-old comes up with all sorts of elaborate and shocking stories about things that happened at school, but when I say, "Wow, I'll have to ask your teacher about that," she immediately retracts. We use them as lessons, of course, but I find it hysterical inside. What scares me, however, is when they get older and we have no idea if they're lying or not. That won't be so funny.

What lies have you caught your kids in?

Image via YouTube

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Stacey. Stacey.

 he looks like Tyrone Biggums LMAO

Asilee Asilee

So, you're saying because he has white stuff around his mouth, he looks like a crack-head? Totally inappropriate Stacey.

Lebel... Lebelle93

Stacey.. Your a nasty person. Point blank. Get some help.

thatg... thatgirl70

LOL, sounds like something my son would do too, LOL. So cute!

My boy has those same PJ's, LOL (was wearing them last night too).

Stacey. Stacey.

Yes, I am saying that. Tyrone Biggums wears the same hat, jacket and powder around his mouth. He is a CHARACTER on a tv show Asilee, not a real life crackhead LOL You do know DAVE CHAPPELLE is Tyrone Biggums right?

And Lebelle I think you mean you are not your, learn how to write!

Stacey. Stacey.


Lebel... Lebelle93

Comparing a baby to a crackhead is awful. Do not do that.

LOL Grammar police huh? No..really. Get over yourself since you try to insult me and have nothing to base it off of.

Kazoo22 Kazoo22

Lol, I went through the same thing with my 2 year old daughter this woman did.

Beej127 Beej127

He was cute. I think that sometimes, with doughnuts, one just tastes so darn good you feel you HAVE to have another...or in his case, 3, lol.

nonmember avatar Charity

I agree that he is very cute, but I am not impressed with his lying. Mama better get a handle on that!

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