Mason Disick's Giant Salary Now Can Add Up to a Real Life for Him Later


Mason Disick
Mason Disick
It's been recently reported that Mason Disick, the almost-2-year-old son to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disickmost likely makes serious bank for his appearances on his mom and aunt's popular reality show Kourtney & Kim Take New York. And by bank, we mean about $3,000 an episode. Daaaaang.

Wouldn't it be sweet if we could all make that kind of cash for just running around, playing with toys, looking frickin' adorable, nibbling bread in restaurants, and delivering a little garbled kidspeak here and there? Of course, Mason was born into one of the richest reality TV family dynasties and his mega-salary is no coincidence. Simply put, Mason is being poised to make even more reality TV payola.

Mason Disick isn't the first reality show kid to rake in a top-dollar salary. Entertainment finance expert Jo Piazza says, in their hey day, the Gosselin kids made an estimated $10,000 apiece, per episode. Whoah! Of course, the Jon & Kate Plus 8 TV show was much more centered around the kids. Not so with the Kardashians' show. That explains why Mason's still in this "lower" salary range.

But don't feel too bad for Mason. For one, he's all set up to make more as he gets older and for as long as the Kardashians have a stake in reality TV. This minimal three grand a show is merely a starting point for the kid and a jumping-off point for the rest of his TV career, whatever that may be in the future (I'm secretly hoping he'll run away and go to college and get a real job, just to spite them all). This is just the name of the professional game in Kardashian Land. It's all very well thought out and planned in the families' best interest financially.

Frankly, I think this kind of pay is a good thing for Mason, too, assuming it's stacking up in an account with his name on it. We know what has happened to so many child stars over the years due to the pressures of early fame -- yikes! -- but we've yet to see the outcome of what happens to these reality TV kids faced with cameras in their faces from day one. Imagine if your 8-day-old baby photo appeared on a magazine cover, not just in your baby book. Imagine if your parents' seriously iffy relationship was chronicled for all the world to see, in all its dysfunctional glory.

Kid's gonna need his own bankroll to fund all the therapy he's going to need later. And to fund his college-bound rebellion for which I'm really hoping.

Pssstt, Mason, there is a real world out here that doesn't turn up on TV. Come ... join us.

Do you think a toddler should be paid so well?


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nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

All children are beautiful and he is cute but am I the only one that doesn't think he is as cute as people (like on this site) try to make him.

Melissa Gianina

i don't think there nothing wrong with a kid making money . if you raise ur kid to be a good person and respect people then that means you did your job. i think his mom dose everything to raise him right,

elija... elijahsmama09

I dont see anythign wrogn with it. Hopefully it is being put in a trust for him.

dixie... dixiegurl223626

I think its great as long as it will be put in a trust for him

nonmember avatar Brittiny

I think that it's good he's going to have his own money. Not that he has anything to worry about! Lol

Chelsea Tate

Uh yeah I do think he should be making bank. His face is on TV, other peoples faces are right next to his on TV who are making bank, he should be paid too, PERIOD.

nonmember avatar felina

I find this abhorring in a child abusing wayI'm so glad I stop watching that show. This child needs his privacy so he can lead a normal life. but I guess having a tweet for a mother, an alcholic abusing father and a money hungry grandmother everyone including the pulsing cells and embryos in their body are for sale. I will not wonder if someday he will require intensive therapy because he tries to kill himself.
and good job Kourtney for trying to bring another innocent soul to be corrupted by your and your mothers greed for money. I for one refuse to watch buy or do anything that have the Kardashian tainted on it. Because I don't only want them to insult my intelligent or make a mockery of values I held dear. I refuse to be a willing participant in seeing this children being corrupted by their families.

elasmimi elasmimi

I don't watch reality shows, but if it's properly managed, why shouldn't he be paid?

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