Kourtney Kardashian Is a Natural Parenting-Minded Mama

kourtney kardashian mason disickI never thought I would have anything in common with Kourtney Kardashian, but here goes: We both prefer wooden toys for toddlers. In Kourtney's Mommy Blog this week, she gives us the DL on why she likes Mason to play with wood instead of plastic. I guess we shouldn't be surprised -- we've seen Kourtney's natural parenting side come out before.

I love wooden toys for toddlers, too. And for so many reasons -- they're just so pretty, for one thing. Somehow, seeing a room cluttered with blocks and wooden toys is much less headache-inducing than seeing a room strewn with cheap plastic crap. I agree with most of Kourtney's reasons why "wood is good," but others kind of gave me a chuckle.

  1. They're less toxic. There are safety standards for toys sold in the US, but I think a lot of us moms feel like they don't go far enough -- and yeah, the idea of letting my son touch and mouth plastic all day kind of made me nervous. On the other hand, with wooden toys, you still have to watch out for toxic paints and stains.
  2. They last generations and can be passed down. Okay, I like this idea, but here's the thing about plastic: it lasts FOREVER. My mom saved my little Fisher Price village set for my son -- and most of that was either plastic or particleboard. It all depends on how well you care for your toys and what you think will still look good after 30 or so years.
  3. They're less likely to break than plastic. Ha ha ha ha ha! I wish! In my experience, wood toys can also be pulled apart and broken, especially if they have moving parts. Kourtney says plastic is more dangerous when it breaks (sharp edges), but I think broken wooden toys can also be dangerous.
  4. They're better for the environment. Bless her heart, Kourtney has almost got it right. She says wooden toys don't use up as much energy to make, which may not always be the case. What makes them more environmentally friendly is that they're made from a renewable resource (TREES!) instead of from petroleum (PLASTIC), which is not renewable. Also, we probably create more pollution creating plastic toys than wooden toys.
  5. They're classics that never go out of style. That is so true. Wooden toys tend to come in more timeless shapes -- animals, boats, cars, simple things like that. Plastic is more often used for "trendy" toys -- like cartoon characters. (Oooh, I hate everything SpongeBob right now!)

Best of all, Kourtney is not obsessive or judgy about wooden toys. "Moderation in all things," she says. She doesn't think you should go and throw away ALL your plastic toys -- and that's a relief because those wooden toys can get expensive! And you know what's looming around the corner for Mason -- yup, plastic Legos. Enjoy the wooden toys while you can, Kourt!

Do you prefer wooden toys to plastic toys? Why or why not?


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