Toddler's Amazing Recovery From Drowning Gives Family True Christmas Miracle (VIDEO)


Caleb TeodorescuStories of children dying via drowning strike fear in every parent's heart and make us grieve for families we've never met. Caleb Teodorescu's story could have been another of those, but instead, it's being touted as a miracle as the Arizona boy has made a full recovery after his heart stopped for almost 30 minutes.

His family had just purchased all the things they needed to install a pool fence. They were just waiting for it to be installed, but unfortunately that didn't happen soon enough. Last week Caleb's mother, Mihaela Teodorescu, found him face-down in the backyard swimming pool after he reportedly rode his scooter into it. He wasn't breathing and was technically dead, according to ABC. She cried out for a neighbor, who did CPR, and she was beside herself.

She told the station: “I was crying out to God. I was saying, ‘God you cannot take him from me!’”

Once at the hospital doctors were able to restore his heartbeat and his breathing, but still his odds of recovering or surviving without severe brain damage were extremely low.

Doctors used a cutting-edge technique called "therapeutic hypothermia," which sounds nothing short of freaky. In it they lower the body's temperature to 32 degrees to prevent brain injury. In Caleb's case, it took 24 hours hours to cool him down, then four days to warm the body back up. Doctors offered little hope that he would ever function normally again, but he defied all the odds.

Caleb's father, Ovy Teodorescu, told My Fox Phoenix:

It's just amazing, the best Christmas miracle you could get. You call someone like that dead. And he's alive today, and not only that he's alive, he has no disabilities, he talks, he walks.

What an incredible story. Whether you're religious or not, you can't help but be inspired by this family's faith. Of course, at the same time, these miracles always make me mourn for the families who don't get miracles, who lose their children. And it's them that I can't help but think about when I read happy ones like this.

2-Year-Old Beats the Odds, Recovers from Near Drowning:


Do you believe in miracles?

Image via My Fox Phoenix

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lalas... lalasmama2007

Wow!  Glad to hear that he's okay!


Watch your dam kids people...About 4 years ago a little boy drown at the river by my house, the child mom and dad where drunk and didnt notice that he fell in, the drive team found him in 10ft of water. 

GlowW... GlowWorm889

Guys, this was obviously an accident. Any number of things could have been going on at the time. How many of you have sent your toddler into another room to play while you talk on the phone/cook dinner/do laundry? And how many of them get into something they shouldn't? Or do something dangerous? We've all been there. Mom could have thought Caleb was in the house. Another report had Dad saying it was his daughter who called him about the incident, so perhaps Mom sent Caleb in to play with his sister, sister tells him to get lost or he gets tired of playing, so he wanders outside to play with his scooter, he falls in the pool. It's a tragic accident that thankfully has a happy ending.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

By denying fault, you are denying responsibility.

We are talking about DROWNING here, people.

Obviously, everyone's kids have had bumps and bruises. Duh. That's not the same as DROWNING.

There is NO possible reason why you child DROWNING is not your fault.

No, you can't literally watch your kid 24/7, but you can make sure that there's no deadly dangers for them to get in to either.

Of course we have gone into another room without our kid, but it's not like I left him in a room with a death-trap in it. Some of you people make me wonder if you just like to argue, or you're actually stupid.

bether89 bether89

I do believe in miracles and I am glad that the boy is okay.

allie... alliesmom112

What an amazing story

MsRic... MsRichardNoggin

Bahahaha! that LucretiaMcevil told all u dumb bitches off. she go hard! yo gurl u real & i like that. on tha realz tho watch yo kids. u got a pool in yo backyard & don't wanna watch yo kidz then u better keep a life jacket on em at all timez. but 4 realz LucretiaMcevil i feelz ya on dumb bitchez needin to watch they kidz & take some responsibility 4 them.

Whitn... WhitneySM

Lucretia, you always say exactly what I'm thinking!

prett... prettynpink811

This story is a almost made me want to cry.. thinking of my 2 boys i have been blessed with...and yes I do believe in miracles.. I have a little cousin and she is only 3 and has had 5 open heart surgeries...and today you would never known she walks, talks and every thing a 3 year old does....God makes all things possible...

JHanc968 JHanc968

Praise God!

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