5 Best Places to Take Your Toddler on a Date


best toddler datesThere comes a time in your relationship with your toddler when you've got to plan the perfect mommy and me date. The kind of day that will be tons of fun for your little one, and a pretty good time for mom as well. This can be challenging. After all, your kid may love being pushed in the swing for hours, but is that really how you want to spend an afternoon? With sore arms and repetition? I think not.

Instead, try these five locations on for size, and see if you can't entertain your toddler while enjoying yourself as well.

1. The Diner Meal

Whether it's lunch or breakfast, eating out can be challenging with kids. That's why god invented the diner. There are plenty of options for everyone to eat, and no one is going to complain (or charge you extra) if your toddler isn't able to sit still the entire time. Also, fast service, which means you won't be hanging out waiting for the dessert menu when your kiddo needs to beat it.

2. The Mall

Yes, the mall is probably more fun for you, but it's still awesome for all involved. First hit the food court, then any fun shopping for yourself. Then blow your kid's mind with the following options: Trolley ride, Pottery Barn Kids, water slide. Your mall has that, right? Or have I just been in California too long?

3. The Arcade

A popular place for teenagers, or those exactly half your age, and quadruple your toddler's. So obviously this makes sense. See if your kid doesn't love the driving or dance-off games. She will, and so will you.

4. Your Local Firehouse

Make sure it's not in the middle of an emergency, but if you head there during some downtime, you'll have some friendly firefighters who just might let your little guy or gal up on the truck. And what do you get? Well, the view, of course.

5. Indoor Playspace With Coffee Bar and Wi-Fi

Need I explain? It's heavenly, try it.

Where do you take your toddler on a date?


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Melis... Melissa042807

We have a Mommy-and-Me date every day - it's called MY LIFE. :-) But my son does LOVE Souper Salad. The instant we walk in the door he's eyeing the macaroni and cheese. LOL If we want to do something special for him, it's Souper Salad. 

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

Around here, I would take my toddler to a museum, zoo, Moody Gardens with an indoor waterpark and rainforest and aquarium and butterfly garden and IMAX theater, do-it-yourself art studio, botanical garden and nature center.

Everything you mentioned sounds boring as hell for a toddler, and me too.

I like to have educational, interesting fun with my kid. He can eat food and play in a ballpit anytime.

LucyC... LucyCarrington

I totally agree with Lucretia...

vanes... vanessa5470

Pffft. What about people that live tiny boring podunk towns? Thanks military -_-;;

nonmember avatar Shannon

I have so much fun taking my son out for bagels or frozen yogurt, and then the park. Seeing him so happy just makes my whole week.

angie... angiea2105

How about the park or zoo? Nevermind food video games and more food....

Rachel Schiller

When my sons request a date with DH or I it is kids choice so it is generally a restaurant they don't get to go every day.

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

LucretiaMcEvil you took the words right out of my mouth lol. Sorry but the MALL, DINER, COFFEE SHOP??? We do those just as a weekly thing, if I am going to take my kid to have FUN were going to the Zoo, the park, movies, road trips....

Princ... Princess8707

We have the greatest Children's Museum! There's never a dull moment there, and she'll spend hours entertaining herself at the "Window Painting" station.. I get to sit back and watch, or fill up her cup of paint when needed.

jessi... jessicasmom1

DD and I love play dates .. childrens museum , the fair, the soda shop

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