7 Hilarious 'Scared Kid' Santa Photos


santaAh, mall Santas. For some reason, they're the most terrifying things children have ever laid their innocent eyes on. Seems like every kid goes through the same three steps when presented with the opportunity to meet ol' Kris Kringle: 1) Excitement at the idea of actually sitting on Santa Claus' lap; 2) reluctance to sit on Santa Claus' lap once they see him; 3) complete and utter terror, accompanied by blood-curdling shrieks, once they do sit on Santa Claus' lap. It's sort of sad, but it's mainly hilarious.

So, what do you say we kick off this merry season with a compilation of some of the most hilarious "kids sitting on Santa's lap" photos ever? It's okay to laugh. Nothing says "it's the holidays" quite like it.




Yes, the two babies are funny and sort of tragic in this photo, but hands down, the best part of this is the two kids in the background. Nothing like older siblings supporting you in your time of need. (Side bar -- what's up with Santa's pants? Looks like the babies aren't the only ones in need of a diaper change.)


Wow, the girl on the right just really isn't impressed with Santa at all. Her brother, on the other hand, would like to kindly be removed from his lap, thankyouverymuch.


Vintage Santa's lap. I like it. Guess he was just as terrifying in the '70s as he is now.


Okay, this girl has every right to be freaked out here. This Santa is straight-up creepy.


What's better than one screaming child on your lap? Two! Sometimes I feel bad for ol' St. Nick.


Gotta hand it to the mom for trying. At least she got her terrified, clinging child in the shot.


This Santa really doesn't seem fazed by the otherworldly sounds likely coming out of that child's mouth. I think it's time he has a drink. Santa, that is.

So, see? Whether it's a photo from 35 years ago or one that was taken today, little kids crying in the lap of St. Nick will never get old. It's comedy that truly stands the test of time.

Do you have any funny photos of your kids with Santa?


Images via Scott Clark/Flickr


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ashjo85 ashjo85

Yep, my daughter's first time last year, she had the whole open mouthed screamy face. The Santa was awesome though, he wasn't fazed at all. He was PERFECT. We're going to try her again, in a private home party sort of situation. Instead of in the mall in full view of the general public.

crs2442 crs2442

Two of my kids (2yo and 6yo) were wonderful this year! I didn't even try and get my 11mo in the shot. Not worth it!

3gift... 3gifts.from.god

I do. The kids aren't crying though. Santa's cheery, and his cheeks are red, I am guessing because they slipped him a little something from the bar that he's sitting in. Yep. My kids saw santa in a Bar. The picture shows santa's big chair sitting right in front of the bar complete with a wall covered in hard liquors in the background of the picture.

Tracey Plummer

I have a screaming pic from when my daughter was a year and a half. She was not interested at all in seeing Santa, but Nana wanted a pic, so she plucked the poor thing down in Santa's lap and yelled to the girl "TAKE THE PIC. NOW!!!" Turned out to be one of my favorite pics, but she's six and she's still a bit traumatized......tsk tsk

Katriena Young

My cousin took her 2 year old to the mall Santa. This was before they went to get a picture with him. She was fine as along as Santa stayed in his chair away from her. The mintue he came near her, she crawled out of her stroller and into her daddy's arms so fast. They had never seen her move that fast before. Than that night they said that they woke up around 3 or so to hear her going, "No Santa!! No!!" She was having a nightmare about Santa. Its funny.
They took her this week to see Santa and while she didn't sit on his lap she did sit next to him on his chair. It was a really cute picture.

keriley1 keriley1

Hahahaha, these are hilarious. We will not be seeing Santa this year because my 2 year old is TERRIFIED of anything or anyone that even resembles Santa. We have one of these kinds of pictures from last year. lol

PonyC... PonyChaser

Party pooper, here. I don't get why people do this. You go the entire year, trying not to traumatize your kids over stuff, preaching that they don't go near people they don't trust/like, and then force them to sit on some strange guy's lap (I dont' care if it IS Santa, to them, he's a big scary stranger), and pretend it's all ok?

I've never taken The Boy to a mall Santa - too crowded and the prices are highway robbery. We go to the Old Folk's Home here in our little town. They have "Cookies With Santa", and he and the Mrs. will talk wtih the kids, let them get comfy, and then start wtih the pics. I've never seen a crying child on his lap. And the pic is with both Santa and the Mrs. Very sweet. (not to mention the fact that the kids and the old folks all hang out together and really enjoy the time)

tinyp... tinypossum

I think it's a Christmas miracle; I agree with Pony Chaser on this one. ;-)

Michelle Jason Kaley

I also agree with Pony Chaser. I had to stand and hold my Little one,she didn't even want to be near him. :(

PonyC... PonyChaser

Tiny... Lol!! Merry Christmas!

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