7 Hilarious 'Scared Kid' Santa Photos

santaAh, mall Santas. For some reason, they're the most terrifying things children have ever laid their innocent eyes on. Seems like every kid goes through the same three steps when presented with the opportunity to meet ol' Kris Kringle: 1) Excitement at the idea of actually sitting on Santa Claus' lap; 2) reluctance to sit on Santa Claus' lap once they see him; 3) complete and utter terror, accompanied by blood-curdling shrieks, once they do sit on Santa Claus' lap. It's sort of sad, but it's mainly hilarious.

So, what do you say we kick off this merry season with a compilation of some of the most hilarious "kids sitting on Santa's lap" photos ever? It's okay to laugh. Nothing says "it's the holidays" quite like it.





Yes, the two babies are funny and sort of tragic in this photo, but hands down, the best part of this is the two kids in the background. Nothing like older siblings supporting you in your time of need. (Side bar -- what's up with Santa's pants? Looks like the babies aren't the only ones in need of a diaper change.)


Wow, the girl on the right just really isn't impressed with Santa at all. Her brother, on the other hand, would like to kindly be removed from his lap, thankyouverymuch.


Vintage Santa's lap. I like it. Guess he was just as terrifying in the '70s as he is now.


Okay, this girl has every right to be freaked out here. This Santa is straight-up creepy.


What's better than one screaming child on your lap? Two! Sometimes I feel bad for ol' St. Nick.


Gotta hand it to the mom for trying. At least she got her terrified, clinging child in the shot.


This Santa really doesn't seem fazed by the otherworldly sounds likely coming out of that child's mouth. I think it's time he has a drink. Santa, that is.

So, see? Whether it's a photo from 35 years ago or one that was taken today, little kids crying in the lap of St. Nick will never get old. It's comedy that truly stands the test of time.

Do you have any funny photos of your kids with Santa?


Images via Scott Clark/Flickr

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