Arsenic in Apple Juice Puts More Pressure on Parents

sippy cupsLike most people, I get frustrated when there are product recalls seemingly every other day. From cribs and strollers to formula and cars, it's unnerving when products we trust let us down and endanger the health and safety of our families. But what's even more frustrating -- infuriating really --  is when agencies, like, oh say, the FDA, try to tell us that something is safe for our children when it's quite obvious it's not.

If you recall, a couple of months back, Dr. Oz warned us that there's arsenic in our apple juice. OMG, arsenic in something that's a staple in most houses with children! That's bad, really bad, right? NO said the FDA, Dr. Oz is just an alarmist; it's all fine. Okay, phew, if the FDA says it's a bunch of malarkey, then we can all relax and start filling our kids' sippy cups with apple juice again, right?



Turns out Dr. Oz was right to sound the alarm. The Consumers Union recently did another test that indeed found scary levels of arsenic in apple juice. Great.

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As a parent this infuriates me. Not because we drink apple juice -- I can't stand the smell of it after a particularly bad babysitting job I had as a teenager -- but because it feels like as parents, we are all alone in this fight to keep our kids healthy. If we can't trust the FDA to help us keep them from harm in the foods they consume, there's really no one we can trust ... except ourselves.

It's just such a stark reminder that as much as we want to place our trust in doctors, labels, and other sources of authority, they do not always know best. We can't just blindly accept what anyone says without doing our own due diligence. I wish we could -- it would certainly be easier that way -- but the truth is we can't be lazy if we want to be good parents.

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We have to not only research the products we let into our children's lives, but we also have to roar loudly when there are suspicions that they're not safe. We have to demand that they be proven safe. While mistakes happen, these are our children's lives at stake, and there's just no room for errors this big.

Does this recent study about arsenic in apple juice infuriate you? How much due diligence do you do when it comes to what your kids eat and drink?

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