7 Unique Toddler Gifts No One Else Will Think Of

unusual toddler giftsJust because toddlers are easy to impress doesn't mean you can buy a Mickey Mouse doll and call it a day. Well, you can, but do you want to? Or do you want to blow that 3-year-old's mind with some truly spectacular gift giving?

Unique gifts don't have to break the bank; in fact, sometimes they can even be acquired for nothing or next to nothing.

Here are 7 unique toddler gifts that no one else will think to give the tot on your list.


Adopt an Elephant

No, you do not want a pygmy elephant in your backyard. But for only $25, you can start the adoption process for your child to care for an endangered pygmy elephant. You'll get a photo of your elephant, a species information card, and an adoption certificate for $25. Donate more and the prize pack gets bigger. But not as big as an actual elephant. That would be crazy.

unique gifts for kidsXYZ Alphabet Blocks

Teach your toddler that "I" is for "ice cube tray" and "J" is for "jackalope" with these alphabet building blocks like no others on the play date. It's never too early to teach your little ones about werewolves, right?

unique gifts for kidsToddler Cooking Class

Fun for mom and dad as well as the brand new eater, there are a number of cities that offer cooking classes designed for hungry toddlers. What better way to turn your toddler into an adventurous eater? Some examples include:

Sprout Right in Toronto

Kitchen Kid Tot Chef Class in Los Angeles

The Ant Farm in the City Mini Chef Class in New York City

The Pied Piper in Chicago

unique gifts for kidsMommy and Me Coupons

Not unlike those little coupon books our kids start to make for us in pre-school, create a colorful card that celebrates your child with the promise that she will have a "Mommy and Me" or "Daddy and Me" day filled with all of her favorite things. Cut out pictures of things she loves to illustrate the day. Hints: ice cream, ponies.

99-Cent Store Extravaganza

Little kids love the 99-cent store. Heck, big kids love it too. For one present, take a box and your tot to the store. Allow him five minutes to fill it up with whatever he wants. Watch him freak out over cheap toys that won't break the bank.

unique gifts for kidsBook-of-the-Month Club

Everybody loves getting mail, and as your toddler makes his way to the mailbox every month in great anticipation, you can make his day by sending a new book with your special message once a month for a year. Super duper duper cool.

An Actual Tea Party

If you don't have a tea set, hit up that 99-cent store and lay out all the tea and crumpets alongside your toddler's favorite seated stuffed animals. Don't forget any details (pinkie up and wear a fancy hat!) and your toddler will be in awe of your ability to play her favorite make-believe game.


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