10 Things to Say When Your Kid Asks If Santa Is Real


is santa realYour kids believe in Santa, right? If not you're missing out on some big behavioral modification tools, my friends. After all, nothing stops a kid dead in her tracks like saying, "Santa is watching, and he doesn't reward baby brother ignorers." Even if you like being honest with your kids (something I'll never understand when it comes to the great Santa Claus deceit) maybe you want to keep the mystery surrounding the fat man in a red suit.

So the next time your little one gets that flash of doubt and looks up at you with wide eyes, asking, "Mama, is Santa Claus real?" here are 10 things you can tell him.

  1. I don't know, is the LEGO Millennium Falcon real?
  2. Of course he's real, we would never fill up your stocking with coal. That's just mean. (Hide snickering)
  3. Why would you even ask if an obese man flying in a sleigh powered by reindeer -- one of which has an electric nose -- is real?
  4. As real as your Aunt Ruby's hair color.
  5. Only to those kids who believe so much that they keep their rooms cleaned for the entire month of December. Those kids get Xboxes for Christmas.
  6. Sure, let me show you this Santa Tracker app. See?
  7. You mean you didn't hear all that commotion on the roof last Christmas Eve? What, are you deaf?
  8. Do you think there would be so many animated Christmas specials on TV if he weren't real? No one in television has that much of an imagination to just make that stuff up.
  9. He looked real when I saw him kissing your mother/me. We're going to have a chat about that this year.
  10. Who else would eat all those cookies and drink that 15-year-old Scotch we left out for him?

What do you tell your kids about Santa?


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Badge83 Badge83

Literally LOL'ed at #10!

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I tell him that some families like to pretend that the gifts under the tree come from Santa.

Doomy234 Doomy234

We have to get crafty. He knows that we buy some presents for each other. So, we buy some secretly (like when he is at school) and hide them. Then on Christmas Eve after he goes to bed we put them out and label the secret ones 'From Santa.'

Its pretty difficult trying to keep up this charade when he is nosy as can be, realizes we dont have a chimney, and catches us sneaking some of Santa's cookies. But mostly, we try to keep it up for his new little sister's sake. We would like her to believe when she gets older and her brother is definitely the kind of kid to burst somebody's bubble.

douxm... douxmusique

Hahaha funny. I always hate excuses about Santa but these are funny as all get out

nonmember avatar Santa

When we lived in Italy, lots of kids believed Baby Jesus brought presents. Weird, eh? I tell the kids Santa may very well be real but that dang, I've not met him yet. I tell them the Santa in the mall is not real but helping out for the day. I do tell them the true story of St Nicolas too. And the pagan stuff AND the nativity even though I'm not a believer but it is called CHRISTmas after all.

Rachel Schiller

Honestly I told my 6 year old the truth when he asked. But he didn't really seem to believe me. That's fine, the only gifts he has ever been given by santa have been on Dec 5/6h from St Nikolaus.

kkey75 kkey75

When my babysitter's 6yo told my 3yo he wasn't real, she was pretty devastated. I told her "of course Santa is real. It's sad Jordan doesn't believe because Santa only visits little boys and girls who believe in him". Worked fine. She now proclaims very loudly and often about how she believes in Santa and you better too or he won't bring you presents! Lol

squish squish

I have 3 and 4 year old girls, and we talk about how St. Nick was a man that cared deeply for children, and that people like to follow his example on Christmas. We don't do the Santa lie.

Orion... Orionsgirl

Those aren't funny. I just tell my kids he's real within the magic of Christmas.

Kelly... KellyLizzie

St. Nicholas *was* real, that's close enough to get off on a technicality.

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