Daycare Workers Aren't Supposed to Pierce Kids' Ears


little girl earringsQuick question: Would you say a daycare worker who took it upon herself to pierce a 5-year-old's ears without permission is a sick, twisted child-hater or just a complete and total idiot? Maybe the answer is both?

I don't know, but I do know that if I sent my little girl off to daycare with non-pierced ears and she came home with pierced ears, I'd be pretty ticked off.

So was the Fort Worth, Texas mom who recently had this disturbing experience ... ticked off enough to call the cops, in fact. At which point the aforementioned daycare employee admitted to putting hoop earrings in the girl's ears because the kid "said it was okay."

Well, of course she said it was okay -- she's 5!

But what happened when the employee actually pierced the girl's ears? I mean to say, how did she manage to pierce them without the kid freaking out?

The girl must have reacted, loudly, to the sharp objects being forced through her earlobes. I can't imagine why another employee at the daycare didn't rush over to see what was wrong, or why the renegade ear-piercer kept on going.

The only possible mitigating factor is that apparently the little girl's ears had been pierced a few years before, but the holes had since closed up. Maybe that made the re-piercing somewhat less painful? I kind of doubt it though, because I know what it feels like when I let my own  piercings close up for a few months and then decide to wear earrings again. Yowch.

Which brings me back to the question: What was that daycare worker thinking?? The police called to the scene didn't make any arrests; instead, they turned the case over to Child Protective Services.

That makes sense. Because I don't know if she belongs in jail, but no matter what the deal is with that daycare worker -- whether she's stupid, cruel or both -- she doesn't belong in a daycare center.

Why do you think a daycare worker would pierce a child's ears without permission?

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momto... momtolittleg

I would consider that assault.  That shit HURTS and I hope the mom sues at the very least.  Yikes.

Stacey. Stacey.

OMG I would be SOOOOO pissed! I would go down there and scream at her lol. I dont know if I would call the cops, I may, but I would definitely scare her into regretting doing so. She is lucky too the girl didnt end up having an allergic reaction or anything bc she would def be in hot $hit.

Argentina Iraheta

While I agree that she was wrong, I don't think it's something to call the cops over. My mom had my ears pieced before I was even a year old and I re-pierced them many times since (I've done it after years of them closing). It's hardly traumatic unless they didn't numb her ears or used a huge needle (I usually use the very earring I'm trying to put in). The little girl probably saw some pretty earrings and asked the woman to put them in.

The mom had every reason to be mad, but to call the cops? Overreaction. She should simply switch daycares or, if she felt necessary, reported her to her superiors.

TC00 TC00

Wow yeah I'd be pissed

I am a nanny to a 5yr old who doesn't have her ears pierced and I'd love to take her to get them done but I would never ever do it without her mother's permission.  I just don't know what went through the lady's head, there is never an excuse for doing something like that.

phoen... phoenixmom2011

While yes some people may think the mother over reacted by calling the cops I have to disagree. This is very different than a child skining a knee or jumping off a swing and breaking something. This adult is expected to care for your child and return them in the same condition, instead she put holes in this child because the child said it was okay. Is she properly trained to pierce, where did the jewelry come from? It sounds as though she used a needle and just any pair of earings, what steralization process was used? Her actions could result in an infection,and who knows why the childs original piercings were closed.

Melis... Melissa042807

Why? Because she's stupid. Plain and simple. Hope they fired her butt. 

SicTr... SicTransitGlori

I think that CPS is a bit of an overreaction, but still- I would be livid! That's not the kind of thing that you do without parental permission. I would wonder what kind of morons this daycare employs. 

Coral Biron Karrass

I think it's different because the child ears had been pierced, It sounds like she put the earings in and maybe they weren't as closed as everyone is thinking. My DD's ears are not pierced, never have been so for me it would be totally different. I think the police and CPS is an over reaction in this particular case.

Lynette Lynette

I would called the cops too!

the mother had her own reasons for letting the childs ears close up from the previous piercing.  To say that because they were pierced one makes it okay is screwed up.  No one had the right to put holes in this child's ears w/out a parents permission.  I feel this daycare emplyee who did this was an idiot, she just didn't think.  But that does make it okay.

Babyo... Babyology

I would worry about WHAT she used to pierce the girl's ears! A safety pin!? I mean, a daycare provider isn't just walking around with an ear-piercing gun in her pocket, one would assume. That's not sterile. What could the child catch from that? What if it gets infected? that's scary! 

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