The Most Disgusting Toddler Behavior of All Time


toddler disgustingOh my god, you guys. I thought I'd seen it all when my first baby turned into a crazed toddler. The nose-picking, booger-eating, potty training accident-having, food-squashing worst. I mean, fighting the dog for the goldfish crackers on the floor is pretty yucky, right? But it turns out my youngest, who is a boy, puts his older sister to shame in the disgusting toddler department.

I know I've said boys are more disgusting than girls before, but this really proves it. Because this new "habit" my toddler has picked up is by far the most disgusting thing I've ever seen a toddler do. Like, ever. In fact, if you're squeamish, you don't want to click on the "Read More" button. But if you do, don't say I didn't warn you.

My little dude has decided it's a great idea, after pooping, to reach into his diaper and squish his hand all around in there and then touch whatever is closest to him. I know. DISGUSTING!!!

Short of following him around all day, sniffing his butt, and looking for facial cues, I'm not really sure what to do here. Initially we thought it was a one-off and didn't make a big deal out of it. But now, we're kind of making a big deal out of it since it's, you know, the most repulsive thing in the entire universe.

We've been on a chill potty training thing for awhile now. By chill I mean he shows no interest and we invite him to use the potty on occasion. His pre-school agrees that he's not quite ready, but there's no harm in inviting him to use the pot. But now, the only solution I see is potty training. After all, he knows what he's doing and he apologizes and says, "It's disgusting," but I'm pretty sure he's laughing at us behind our backs.

After he royally screwed up his sheets yesterday morning, I sat down with the little pooper and asked him to promise me he would stop grabbing his poop. I specifically said before he went to bed, "If you need to poop in the morning, come and get mommy." Usually that kid jumps at any chance he has to wake up mommy. But yet again this morning I heard the screams of my 5-year-old around 6 a.m., "Mommmmmy! He grabbed his poop!"

So tonight he's going in sleeper jammies in hopes that he won't just unzip them and get completely naked in order to enjoy his morning poop squish ritual. And we're gearing up for a potty training weekend. In the meantime, any suggestions?

Do you have a crazy poop grabber in your house?


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Carli Drayson

You're not alone. My son has done it on occasion, I did it as a baby and most of my friends kids do it. Some moms swear by duct taping around the toddlers diaper (not on the skin...ouch) so that they can't get their little hands in. I have never tried it though!

nonmember avatar Jac

Went through the same thing with my daughter. We bought little keeper sleepers. Jammies that are escape proof-they zip up the back. A little expensive, but a total life saver (and sheet saver)

Rissmama Rissmama

My little cousin use ta do that but he wiped it on people!! And walls and everything lol my cousin had to keep him in footie pajamas that she put on him backwards so he couldn't do it! Can't say my daughter did anything close to that lol

April Kayleigh Tillery

I'm in the same boat. he has no interest in potty training. but he has tons of interest in ripping off the poopy diaper before i can get there. We now have 7 pairs of footed PJ's that he wears 24/7. it's the only way to save my sanity.

kelli... kelli0585

That, I do not have. My 2 year old is squeamish. The thought of even handling poop through a folded wet wipe makes his saliva glands go into overdrive in anticipation of vomiting. He has the same reaction when he touches slimy things like pumpkin guts.

I guess I'm lucky?

Momma... Momma2blessed

Thankfully no! We have a very clean loving 2 year old and never went through that. ;)

nonmember avatar Mel

both of my children ( boy and girl ) did this however they finger painted with it ALL OVER and I am a neat freak and germ phobe! We bought footie pjs cut the feet off and put those suckers on backwards worked like a charm!

MomoJL MomoJL

When my little guy was two, I made a bad decision to turn on cartoons and go back to bed one Saturday morning.  (First and last time, let me tell you!)  I am roused by the 3 year olds hysterical screams, so I trek out to the living room and see no sign of the smaller lunatic.  Over there, whats that I see? He's (literally) hanging off the dining room chandelier!   He's naked.  Ok.  Upon closer inspection, I see he's become a poop flingin monkey in all aspects and my chandelier, dining table, chairs, and wild banshee of a child are smothered in shit. 

Blaze Hazen

We had this problem with our daughter and after trying many things we went with duct tape. Just a small piece over the tabs of the diaper kept it safely there until she was changed this worked really well especially since her most prominent poo grabbing time was in the 10 minutes after she woke up!

Melis... Melissa042807

My kiddo hasn't tried it...yet. But I'm on the lookout for it. When my husband was a toddler, his mother once found him fingerpainting his bedroom walls with poop during what was supposed to be naptime! So if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree...I'm screwed...

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