Dog's Trick Magically Stops Toddler's Tantrum (VIDEO)


toddler dogI never had a dog growing up. Or a cat. Or a hamster, or a parakeet, or measly little turtle. (I'm not bitter at all, can you tell?) So I promised myself long ago that when I had kids of my own, I would get them a pet. Whatever kind of creature their little hearts desired.

Not surprisingly, those "kids of my own" wanted a puppy. Which we recently acquired, much to my children's delight. And dang if I don't just love the heck out of her, but you know something? Puppies are a lot of work! (Oh, so THAT'S why I never got to have any pets as a kid.)

Anyway, I still think pets are worth the trouble, and this video is proof!

If you have a toddler, you know how hard it is to stop a tantrum in its tracks. Let's face it: The task seems more suited to an exorcist than a parent at times.

Or ... a dog! As evidenced in this video. Seriously. If you're having doubts about whether or not to get your kids a pet, this just might convince you ...

Has your pet ever come to your parenting rescue?


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Zamaria Zamaria

Lol! Why do dogs do that? My sisters dog does it when my 1 year old throws a fit! My cat has really helped with my 1 year old. My little boy was about 6 months old, and sleeping through the night. I checked on him a few times, but didn't touch him because it wakes him up. I heard the cat yowling about 3am, and went to check on him (the cat camps out on top of the dresser that's attached to the crib every night) and the cat was IN the crib, so I put him out of the room and went back to bed. The cat went nuts! Screaming and clawing the door, it was crazy. So I let him back in thinking he just wanted back in his spot. He jumped right back in the crib and started yowling and poking at the baby, waking him up. I picked up the baby and ge was soooo hot. His temp was 106 and he had a terrible ear infection. He was fine when I put him to bed, guess it just hit in the middle of the night. The cat was fine as soon as I picked him up. I guess maybe he could sense the temperature difference or something. Idk, but I'm glad that we caught it and were able to bring the temp down before it did any damage!

Cafe Amy Cafe Amy


SamNS... SamNStefanMommy

When I was younger, we had a dog who would "babysit" anything, as long as you told him it was a baby. Well, one night my mom was babysitting a 3 month old little boy. She noticed Buck acting funny and that he wouldn't leave Dakota's side, but didn't think anything of it. Well, after a short while, we had an earthquake. When that earthquake hit, Buck laid his 125 pd body on top of that little baby. By the time my mom knew what was happening, it was too late to do anything but watch as a chunk of ceiling fell down on them. After everything stopped shaking and my mom got over there to check on him, she found Dakota smiling and playing with Bucks fur. He never even knew anything had happened.

momav... momavanessa

When our first son was born my husband's old pitbull would sit by his swing and babysit him. She would keep my inlaws cats and curious puppy away from the swing. I remember our son used to try and reach out for her and she lick his hand.  She was a great dog and sadly later on that year we found out she had cancer so she had to be put down. My inlaw's pitbull that is all grown up loves to play with our now 3 year old. He uses her back as a car track! So she is good at keeping him busy when we visit them.

TealR... TealRose1

oh boy ... if you think that is a 'tantrum' I guess you have a lot to learn !!! lol!!  That is just a little upset !!! lol!!! Great the way the dog joined in ..... lovely !!! 

mommy... mommy31210

cant have pets other then small caged animals :(

nstroud nstroud

Our American Bulldog is great with our son! He doesn't howl but he does let him play on him. And when they do play together the dog is laying on the floor with the rope toy and our son is on the other side pulling and giggling or they chase each around the living room. 

Britt... BrittanyLatham

I used to have a poodle growing up. My father got him for me when I was eight. My father was paralyzed from the neck down and was on a ventilator. Every time the tube would pop off  his neck Scooter my dog would go crazy. Running around the house howling until somebody got the tube hooked back to his neck. The funny thing is the night my father died his tube popped off after he had a heart attack and Scooter did not make a sound. When my father was found Scooter was curled up next to him with his head on his chest. I believe he knew it was time for my father to get peace. Animals are amazing.

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