Gwen Stefani Harajuku Mini Arrives in Target Sunday!


Jarajuku Mini
T-shirt, $13; tutu skirt, $17; canvas slides, $17
Get ready to go to Target this Sunday, November 13, because that's when Gwen Stefani's new Harajuku Mini line will hit Target. It's cool, hip, and going to blow ya mind.

Incorporating the Japanese street style she sings about in her song "Harajuku Girls," the collection contains pieces that range from infant styles to tween and everyone in between. Prices range from $3.99 to $59.99, and each is packed with funky style.

I'm particularly in love with the toddler duds, like the shirt and tutu skirt pictured here. I detest clothing with television characters or other too cutesy or too old-looking clothes for my daughter. I like comfortable and cute without Dora splashed across everything (no offense to Dora), but that's surprisingly difficult to find. This line fits the bill, and talk about great holiday gifts for those little ones on your list. Here are a few of my favorites:

The boys aren't left out of this one, either. Little dudes will look adorable in this gear. This look includes: Harajuku Mini for Target Long-sleeved Graphic Tee in Gray $14; Harajuku Mini for Target Corduroy Pants in Black $20; Harajuku Mini for Target 2-pack Socks $10; Harajuku Mini for Target Canvas Slides $17.

Harajuku Mini for Target

Older kids will love the looks too. I love this look for the holidays. It's made up of: Harajuku Mini for Target Long-sleeved Ruffle Tuxedo Tee in Red (also available in Black or Black/White Striped) $16.99; Harajuku Mini for Target Plaid Skirt Plaid Skirt (also available in Leopard Print) $16.99; Harajuku Mini for Target Coin Purse $12.99.

Harajuku Mini for TargetFor the tiniest fashionistas, there's a whole range of comfortable and cozy clothing. This darling two-piece set runs for just $19 and looks adorable coming and going. 

Harajuku Mini for Target

If you like it, get ready to snag it while it's hot, because if we learned anything from the whole Missoni matter at the retailer, it's that you need to shop early. So set your alarms, camp out, do whatever you need to do because chances are it won't last long.

What do you think of the new Gwen Stefani line for Target? Will you buy it?

Images via Target

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Doomy234 Doomy234

Its definitely a cute line. I might consider purchasing some. That little onesie and rabbit pants are adorable! :3

mumma... mummajenni

How is this not offensive, but dressing up as a geisha for Halloween is....?

Linzliz Linzliz

So cute! I am going out this weekend to do some winter shopping for my 3 1/2 year old and she will love these clothes. I also only get her clothes at Target, so that's very convenient for me! She's all about pretty and matching already. lol

jalaz77 jalaz77


KiaC KiaC

My baby will have that onesie outfit :)  I was so excited when I saw the commercial.  The Target closest to me isn't exactly in the most fashionable part of town so they had a lot of Missoni items when other stores were completely sold out.  The Super Target by us is in a hipper section and always sells out of everything.  

mweng... mwengenroth

It is already out at my target in NC, I saw it yesterday.

uLiLr... uLiLrEdDeViLu

i will be there bright n early ;)fingers crossed

Jessica Dufifie

I want to get my lil' pip the shoes :) Can't wait until hubby wakes up from his late night watching the fights or maybe I should just leave him sleeping and enjoy the day with no eye rolling and complaints LOL

nonmember avatar Mark

I am hesitate to buy anything japanese or even japanese inspired. I have to see where these clothes are made bc if they are made in japan, I'm NOT INTERESTED! Have you heard how bad it is over there. TOO MUCH RADIATION CONTAMINATION! So check to see where this clothes are made, my suggestion is don't buy anything from JAPAN that includes cars, clothes, sushi, cosmetics (NARS, SHESIDO, bare minerals), PILOT pens. Google JAPAN and RADIATION. Read how bad it is for yourself

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