Flu vs. Cold: A Guide to Symptoms

child sneezing


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When my kids come home from the babysitter or school all snuffly, cranky, and warm, the first thing that pops into my head is, "Uh, oh. They're getting sick." The second thing is the question, "Is it the flu or just an annoying cold?"

Answering questions like these can give us moms a quick answer:

Did the illness come on suddenly or slowly? Has she lost her appetite or is she eating normally? Does her head hurt?


KidsHealth.org, the website of Nemours Foundation, the country's largest children's health care organization, has a cold vs. flu checklist to help you determine what your toddler might be suffering from. Of course, if you have any question, you should always get your pediatrician on the phone right away. But this list will definitely help ease your fears, as well as provide information on treatment.

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And by the way, the flu tends to come on suddenly, accompanied by a headache and a loss of appetite.

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