Why My Toddler Never Gets to Trick or Treat Again


no more trick or treatIt started the minute we got home from trick-or-treating. Bags were upended, candy was counted, and costumed children became giddy as they inspected their haul. It had been an incredibly successful night considering not too many of our neighbors had porch lights on and buckets of goods to unload on our little beggars. In fact, it was our plan to stay local since we knew there weren't a lot of houses with candy-giving types. Yet, the bags were still completely full by the time we got home.

While all that free stuff was certainly good for a thrill, when it came time to chow down, my toddler suddenly lost interest. Our offer of two pieces of candy tonight, more tomorrow went unaccepted as he licked one mini-Snickers and put it down into his father's hands. This is when we remembered that our toddler is so incredibly picky that he doesn't even like candy.

What the heck were we thinking? And where is all of that candy going to go now, if not down his gullet?

Some parents may look upon their child's rejection of candy as a win for mom and dad. But I can't eat gluten, which means I can't eat a ton of that delicious candy, and my husband is trying to avoid the sugar. So it's really just a massive waste. Which makes me say again, "What were we thinking?!" We knew the candy situation would be out of hand, even if he only had 10 pieces of fun-sized candy bars. Somewhere deep in there, we both knew as he yelled, "Trick or treat!" with glee that he was just taking candy that would wind up in the trash. What's a reduce, reuse, recycle type of family to do?

It's not like there are charities in our neighborhood that take unwanted Halloween candy. Nobody wants that much candy. NOBODY. Even though I scoffed at the lady giving out raisins last night, I'm realizing she was right and I was wrong. Very, very wrong. If someone had been giving out children's Tylenol, that would have made more sense in our house. Or glow sticks, or cheese and crackers. Yes, we would all make fun of those people too (and wonder what kind of poison was in the children's Tylenol), but Halloween candy gets useless and fast. Especially when your toddler has zero interest in a tiny Kit Kat.

So while I would never want to deny my kiddo the right to dress up and beg for candy, I think I need to have a plan in place for next year that doesn't end with us tossing a lot of food into the garbage. Maybe he just waves to the candy people and smiles.

Do you feel guilty about tossing Halloween candy?

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Mal Budhan

I agree, my daughter had a bag on m&ms, it's the only chocolate she ever had. All the other stuff is going to have to go to her dad because I just started a diet.

tuffy... tuffymama

Meh. I picked out what I'm giving to friends and the nursing home, then left the rest with my neighbor's kids. They love sugar.

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

There is a local dentist that I just saw on the news here that will pay by the pound for kid's Halloween candy.

He is making up care packages for troops overseas, with candy, snacks, toothbrushes and toothpaste (of course) and other goodies.

He was in the service as a young man and wants to contribute to them feeling closer to home.

I think that's awesome.

nonmember avatar Some Poster

Suggestion: In a lot of cities across the U.S. dentists will pay $1 for every pound of candy a child brings in (max 5 pounds) so that children don't eat so much candy.

Check out the paper in your neighborhood and see if anyone was doing that. Then if they were let the child put the cash for candy in his piggy bank.

The dentists usually donate the candy to soldiers. Which is another thing you can do with the candy....

kisse... kisses5050

Leave it on the porch for the candy witch to come and take away and leave a toy its place...  or have your kids take to a place that is accepting it as donations so they can feel they are helping the community.  Around here there are several places that take Candy for troops... Homeless Shelters.. Woman and Children in Crisis .. Hospitals.. Heck even your local fire house may enjoy a bowl of candy brought to them.  If they had fun going around and collecting it there really isnt a reason to just "throw it out".

chell... chellyelizabeth

You can send it to soldiers overseas too. I love the idea of giving it to a nursing home, I never would have thought of that on my own :) My son isn't a big candy/sweet person either (he was more excited he got pretzels than anything else) but he didn't get that much, we took him to my parent's church for Trunk or Treat and there's only like 10 stops in the parking lot, then there's inflatables and games inside the church (they remind me of fun night when I was in elementary school, they have a cake walk and a go fish game and other cool stuff) and we eat hot dogs and nachos there. He loves that more than the trick or treating part!

Melis... Melissa042807

You know what we did? Or rather what my brother and sister-in-law did - after trick or treating was over, they dumped out their kids' candy, picked out all the non-little-kid-friendly pieces, and let the kids go to town. I mean, I watched my 5 year old niece and 4 year old nephew pig out on candy for about half an hour or longer. Meh, it's once a year and it's not like they're my kids. My kid is two - he doesn't get to eat candy yet. Anyway, after they decided the kids were done, they divvied up all the rest of the candy among the other adults. So now we have a huge bag of candy. Husband took it to work so I wouldn't pig out on it all day because I have issues when I consume too much sugar. Yay. 

RN_713 RN_713

I bring leftover candy for the reception area at my office. My kid gets the joy of trick or treating and my clients get yummy treats while they wait to be seen...win/win!

mamaw... mamawicked


yayhe... yayheadstart

I always save it til Christmas & use it as filler in stockings and gift bags. I like the shelter idea too.

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