3-Year-Old Rocks Out Harder Than Any Headbanger (VIDEO)

toddler singing toolForget teen angst! Toddler angst is where it's at these days, if this beyond-adorable video of a 3-year-old Tool fan doing his best Maynard impression is any indication. Check out that howl! This little boy makes your average headbanger look about as dark and brooding as a box of marshmallow Peeps.

I was 17 when Tool's first studio album, Undertow, hit the airwaves. In other words, I was about as miserable, melancholy, and misunderstood as a human being can get. Most of my friends were similarly afflicted, so when we discovered Tool, it was like ... !!! This music was written specifically for our tortured little souls!!


So the way I see it, this is one very precocious toddler. With any luck he'll get all the gloom and rage out of his system now; then by the time he hits high school, he'll be emotionally well-adjusted enough to actually, I don't know, think about what he wants to do with his life. Which doesn't tend to happen when you're holed up in your best friend's bedroom with the shades drawn listening to Tool and drawing skulls on your jeans with a Sharpie.

Enjoy this amazing video, though first I must point out that this awesome kid is not properly buckled into his car seat, and so, should you play Tool for your tot, make sure he's safe!

Does your kid ever rock out like this?

Image via YouTube

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