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is your kid a genius
My Two Geniuses & One Not-So-Smart Dog
Since every time I read a new study it basically tells me what I'm doing wrong as a parent, imagine my relief when I stumbled upon The Daily Beast article, "15 Signs You'll Raise a Genius." It appears, based on this article, that my kids are totally going to be geniuses. My work here is done. Moving on! Next stop, raising kids who never get allergies, cancer, or put their foot in their mouth. Surely there's a list for those things that I could simply check off and move along to that Pilates class I've always been meaning to take but don't have enough time given the focus on my children.

Just so I know what kind of company I'm in here, are you doing all of these things to make sure your child is a genius?

Does your home contain 500 books or more? Did you breastfeed "consistently" for one year? (Note to self: Do I knock off IQ points for every month shy of a year? Or just believe that four months and no TV in the nursery have me covered?) I totally didn't use cocaine while pregnant or nursing, did you? No? Then you're off to the right start -- kid genius-wise. You're also following up your child's day in pre-school with mommy and me yoga classes, right? Great. That's absolutely on par with not doing cocaine. Good job!

Now let's talk about your husband/partner. Was he 20 years old when your baby was born? What? Your pregnancy was planned? Whoopsie! Let's all just hope that our 30-year-old men didn't damage our baby's brain cells too much. Also, let's make sure you're not on welfare since your 20-year-old husband may have been too busy to finish college or trade school. Because that is a negative for your child's brain.

All of this is to say, what the hell? No one can possibly hit all 15 of these "signs" to make sure they are a genius. And if they do, but their child got the "dumb" genes in the family, then you're still out of luck.

Listen, I know the goal isn't to find a 19-year-old to impregnate you, or to quit your job so you can exclusively nurse for one year. These are simply signs that your child could have an advantage in the genius department. So, okay. I took the quiz and we're doing pretty well. I mean, seriously, I didn't do cocaine once during my pregnancy.

How did you do with these 15 signs?

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mrssu... mrssundin

Ha ha LMAO.

Mothe... Motherkubehl

lol, I nursed 34 months, Never did drugs, drank, and we have way too many books in our home. loved this

Kimbe... Kimber8802

first of all this article is a JOKE with a capital JOKE especially the being on welfare part. I am on welfare due to the ecomony and it it through no fault of my own and they do just fine in school thank you very much.  My husband was not 20 when we had our daughter nor was he 20 when we had our son and they both are very healthy again thank you very much if they are going to be a genius that is great if not fine does not mean I am going to love them any less.

Devin... DevinAnnesmom

I agree with some of those, but not all of them. Some of them are just plain ridiculous!!

Laura Wegener Paxton

I don't think any of the article was a joke or ridiculous, but rather putting together groups of statistics to show a correlation. For my 6 children, we only missed TWO of the 15 things, and honestly, I wonder about the validity of the preschool thing. We'll see how they turn out...none have graduated from high school yet....

Scrlt... ScrltBegonia

I think this article is yet another attempt to separate the wealthy from the poor.  Especially #12.  I am also on welfare right now because my husband lost his job.  I am a very intelligent person with some college under my belt.  My children are very smart and my 18 month old is already speaking many words.  My 3 year old loves big words and right now his favorite is "dee-licious"!  We chose to go on welfare rather than me go back to work because raising our children myself is very important to me and my husband.  2012 should be the year we get off of assistance, Hallelujah.  I am tired of the country making us feel like pieces of poo because we momentarily need assistance from a program that I paid into for many years and my husband is still paying into, because, yes he does work, he just doesn't make enough yet.

Drago... DragonMom25

Depends on what you define as "genius"  your child's IQ will be within 10points of the highest and Lowest scores of the parents unless there is major brain retardation.  So if Forrest Gump (75) marries miss average (100) then children will be between 65 and 110 points genetically.

so if you want a baby with a high IQ find a mate with a high IQ.  My IQ measures in the 190s my husbands in the 160s so our sons have a range of 155 to 205....  tested with my oldest being over 175 (highest test went)

Not to say that not doing drugs or not smoking or breastfeeding is not going to help your baby develop right.  But IQ is in your genetics, just like hair color, eye color, and male pattern baldness (mother's father shows the likelyhood of receeding hair lines in your son's futures)

mcr17 mcr17

how does breast feeding make ur kid smarter. feels like another shot against non BF moms.

Histo... HistoryMamaX3

Really... people, it is all about statistics and correlation. It is not another shot at non breastfeeding mothers- studies have proven time and time again that breastfeeding does wonders for your children- yes, even making them possibly smarter. No, not all children- of course many formula fed children are smart too. That is not the point.

I really do not believe people understand what research is... this does not mean that every child under a set of circumstances is going to be one way or another- only that statistically MORE children do. Being on welfare itself is not what causes lower IQ, more often it is the environment the children live in. Statistically children who live in homes that have parents on welfare- end up less intelligent than other children.

Genius is such an odd thing as well... there are many different types of genius, not just the standard IQ test. Also, you can score 1 point above the genius level and still not be anything such as the famed Albert Einstein.

Don't put too much stock into silly things like this and don't let yourself be offended by them. Do your best and do what is right for your children... teach them to be good people and to think, and we'll all be fine.

godde... goddess99

My dd is 9 and writes using Egyptian hieroglyphics. I must have done something right. Either that or she was alive thousands of years ago.

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