My 5-Year-Old Daughter Is Psychic & It Freaks Me Out

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From the time my daughter was little, she has had a very clear sense of things. "It's going to rain today, Momma," she says on a sunny, blue-sky day. Hours later, clouds roll in and it downpours. But predicting the weather is just one part of my daughter's apparent sixth sense.

At nearly 5, my daughter has had more incidents of psychic abilities than we can brush off. There was the time before I left for Israel. "Say hi to all the gnomes," she said. "They will keep you safe." I laughed, but once there, everywhere I looked, I saw gnomes. There was also the day my grandmother died last October when out of the blue she asked to see the music box Nana had given her.

Then she broke it. "You need to call her," she said. "You need to call her now." A few hours later, the call came that she'd had a heart attack in her kitchen and died. And that's not all.


A few months ago, my daughter came into my room first thing in the morning and grabbed my hands. "I dreamt about your mommy," she told me. I assumed she meant Oma, my father's wife and my stepmom with whom she is very close. My mother died when I was 16 and I hadn't shared much about her with my daughter at the time.

"No," she told me, pulling on my hands. "This was your real mommy. She told me I was beautiful. She took my picture."

There is more, too. My daughter just seems to know things. She knows who is at the door, what's in the mail, what I am thinking when I am thinking it. She can outsmart anyone and read their thoughts and act accordingly. It creeps me out at times, too.

Her questions can be unnerving, especially when she asks me about things I am thinking. "Why are you stressed about work, mommy?" she'll ask from the backseat when I have a lot on my mind, none of which I have said out loud.

"Do you think Daddy is OK?" she asked one night where her dad had a problem with the car that even I didn't know about yet. It's the little things and sometimes big things that add up to tell me she is psychic.

I think this is an ability we all possess, but children are more open to it and certain children are even more open to it than others. It's a little scary at times, but mostly it makes me think she is just a delightfully open-minded little girl. I hope she stays that way.

Do you ever think your kid is psychic?


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