My 5-Year-Old Daughter Is Psychic & It Freaks Me Out

What you are about to read is totally REAL and creepier than a Hollywood horror movie. Welcome to Scary Story Week on The Stir ...

From the time my daughter was little, she has had a very clear sense of things. "It's going to rain today, Momma," she says on a sunny, blue-sky day. Hours later, clouds roll in and it downpours. But predicting the weather is just one part of my daughter's apparent sixth sense.

At nearly 5, my daughter has had more incidents of psychic abilities than we can brush off. There was the time before I left for Israel. "Say hi to all the gnomes," she said. "They will keep you safe." I laughed, but once there, everywhere I looked, I saw gnomes. There was also the day my grandmother died last October when out of the blue she asked to see the music box Nana had given her.

Then she broke it. "You need to call her," she said. "You need to call her now." A few hours later, the call came that she'd had a heart attack in her kitchen and died. And that's not all.

A few months ago, my daughter came into my room first thing in the morning and grabbed my hands. "I dreamt about your mommy," she told me. I assumed she meant Oma, my father's wife and my stepmom with whom she is very close. My mother died when I was 16 and I hadn't shared much about her with my daughter at the time.

"No," she told me, pulling on my hands. "This was your real mommy. She told me I was beautiful. She took my picture."

There is more, too. My daughter just seems to know things. She knows who is at the door, what's in the mail, what I am thinking when I am thinking it. She can outsmart anyone and read their thoughts and act accordingly. It creeps me out at times, too.

Her questions can be unnerving, especially when she asks me about things I am thinking. "Why are you stressed about work, mommy?" she'll ask from the backseat when I have a lot on my mind, none of which I have said out loud.

"Do you think Daddy is OK?" she asked one night where her dad had a problem with the car that even I didn't know about yet. It's the little things and sometimes big things that add up to tell me she is psychic.

I think this is an ability we all possess, but children are more open to it and certain children are even more open to it than others. It's a little scary at times, but mostly it makes me think she is just a delightfully open-minded little girl. I hope she stays that way.

Do you ever think your kid is psychic?


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PonyC... PonyChaser

She'll stay that way, as much as she can, as long as you encourage it. So many times, we parents watch our kids do something and think, "that's inappropriate" or "you're too old/too young, you're a boy/girl" whatever. Or we want to push them this way instead of that way - we want them to be little football players, but they'd rather build legos or read. We'd like her to really like math and science, but all she wants to do is knit like Grandma or color.

So go with it. See where it takes her. It's amazing, as I look back, how much of my own intuition I was encouraged to ignore as I grew up, and taught to trust other people's opinions and directions instead. It has NOT served me well. So if she learns from you that her "visions" and intuition are valid, she is far more likely to trust herself. Good luck.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Oh, and no, I don't think mine is psychic at all. Sometimes he can't see the table in front of his face!! But he does have other fascinating qualities, so I'll take him just as he is.

Zamaria Zamaria

No, I don't think my kid is psychic, but it shouldn't freak you out. A lot of it is just intuition, kids are really good at recognizing feelings and emotions even when they aren't expressed. Encourage her to keep listening to her gut instincts and to pay attention to her premonitions or whatever you call them. They just may keep her out of some sticky situations as she gets older!

1blue... 1bluemonkey

The only unusual thing I've seen from my kids is the day my son was asking me some questions in the grocery store like,  "How do you make apples?" (He was 3.)  I told him they grow on apple trees.  He asked, "How do you make apple trees?"  I told him they grow from apple seeds inside the apples.  This progressed to him asking me, "How do you make the world?"  

I told him, "You're going to have to ask God about that one, honey - I have no idea."  And he got quiet (which was really unusual.)  About three aisles into the shopping, I asked him what he was thinking, and he said, "I was asking God how to make the world."   I got chills and I asked him, "Did you get an answer?"  And he said, "Yep.  God said that you have to tell the story of the world. God told the story of the world and it happened."

I had not had my child in church, or bible study, or anything because we'd been moving around so much.  He'd heard me pray, and that was about it for his exposure to religion. It may be that he was just being imaginative, but what he said is basically the book of Genesis.

ejbljb ejbljb

My grandma is psychic. She gets 'feeling' about things that are always right. We were going on a trip to Toronto and my grandma came over and told us to start our van before she left for work in case it didn't work and we needed to take her van. We had been having no trouble with our van and we go on many long trips. Plus my dad is an auto teacher and can deal with car problems. We tried to start our van and it wouldn't work and my dad couldn't get it going. So we took my grandmas van. She's so creepy and this stuff happens to her all the time. She won't talk about it though because it scares her. I think it's really cool and I trust her opinion more than anyone's because I think she 'knows'

kisse... kisses5050

 My 13 year old was like this ..she doesnt talk about it as much anymore but I know she still has gifted vision it is just something she keeps private. I was also like this as a child and if I am open and calm can still be... I called my mom 10 minutes before she died..

Young... YoungHold

I believe true psychic abilities exist, but they are rare.  Sounds like your daughter is a gifted one, and I agree that if you don't discourage it, she could probably develop it as she gets older.

Ashley Calverette

My mother has this ability. It's something she didn't tell me about until I was much older, but I could always tell there was something she was holding back. She was discouraged very much as a child, being from an old fashioned southern family, so she's still very hesitant to talk about it with anyone. But I do know she's very aware of death and life. When someone dies or is pregnant in our family she knows long before they do. She can't say who it is, she's just aware of it. There was one time that I found her crying when I got up for school , she didn't tell me why until later but it turns out she woke up at 3:00 in the morning hysterical because she knew someone was dying and the sense that she got was that it was her father. She spent all morning crying and dreading the phone call she would get. At around 6:00 her best friend called to let her know that her own father had passed away at about 3:30 that morning. So she usually knows a time frame and sometimes has an idea of who it might be. She also has very good intuition about things, I usually call her before a big day or a big decision and ask if she has any bad feelings about it. If she does I change my plans. It's never served me wrong.

delan... delanna6two

Sounds like a gift....children are so innocent and pure and more may be revealed to them...I've observed some small things when mine was very young....not so much at all now.

Payton Irwin

I think kids can start out psychic but unless it's nurtured the ability fades away. When I was little, I knew people's middle names (weird ability haha). I had also met one of my mom's coworkers and after he left I asked her why his head hurt (he hadn't mentioned any pain). A few weeks later he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had been having severe headaches for months. After I learned how to count, I could glance at a fruit or vegetable display at the grocery store for a moment and say how many apples or whatever were there.

I grew out of it though, and honestly have a hard time believing in psychic adults. I think alot of them are fakes and that children are just sensitive and open enough to be able to have that kind of ability.

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