5 Freebies People Give My Kids That I HATE


boy with balloonEverywhere we go these days, people seem to want to give my toddler something. From the bank to the grocery store, it appears that businesses and people in general are packing stuff to try to win kids over and/or keep them from losing it and creating a big scene.

It's "Here honey, have this ... " here and "Ask your mommy if you can have a ... " there. Oh, I know it's all well-intended, and much better than them being rude to my kid or even banning her altogether, it's just that ... I HATE all of this crap. Here are five of the frequent freebies we get and why they irritate me so.

1. Stickers

Oh how I loathe those tempting little sticky shapes. Because besides all over our car's interior and the furniture, the only other place my kids stick them is on their clothing. Said clothing then goes through the washer and dryer, and I'm left with a mess. I should buy stock in Goof Off.

2. Balloons

So bright, so cheery, so great for bopping your brother over the head, and spilling drinks in restaurants in the process. Or, if they manage to behave themselves with them IN whatever establishment they were given, there's a good chance (better than 50/50) that they will be lost to the wind in the parking lot. Then there will be tears and promises of balloons the next time. Don't even get me started on the dangers of balloons to boot!

3. Cookies

I would like to personally blast whoever came up with the idea that bakeries in grocery stores nationwide should give kids cookies just for the asking. Just what they need, more sugar, and bonus -- we usually go to the market right before dinner, so dinner is spoiled as well. Yay!

4. Goodie Bags

We didn't have them when I was a kid, and we don't need them now that I have to pick up after my kids and am constantly tripping over little plastic knickknacks that came in these party must-haves. HATE them.

5. Advice

This comes in the form of "Honey, tell your mommy to make sure she gets that hair out of your eyes" or "Tell mommy the doctor really should hear that cough." It doesn't make it any less rude when you tell me what to do through my kid.

I don't mean to be ungrateful. And yes, I could just decline their kindness, but that's easier said than done when the offer is made right in front of a toddler. It would be great for everyone if all the freebies for kids just stopped. It would save money for those doing the gifting and sanity for moms like me.

What free things that people give kids would you add to this list?

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mbnic... mbnich0269

Don't ask for the cookie!

Sara Jeffers Dodson

I've had people offer my toddler suckers or hard candy.  I just politely decline and say she's too young.  I'll have to think of another excuse soon.

ReiRe... ReiReally

Wow, that is some kind of passion. That said, I don't really mind people asking to give my 1 1/2 year old son little treats after asking me first but, if i REALLY don't want him to have it, i just tell them no, thank you with a polite smile. I've yet to hurt some one's feelings by turning down a sweet or little promo nick-knack i think he just doesn't need nor do i worry about him not being able to get over me saying no. And why would he? I tell him no enough that it's nothing new but i also tell him yes enough that he knows that he might get something else some other time. Being my first and not conversationally verbal, i haven't had the "joy" of the advice one. I doubt it would bother me and i'd probably talk to him about how it's not anyone's else's decision to take him to the hair dresser or the doctor besides mine and his father's even if they have an opinion about it.

Jessie S. Hegwood

I like the nurses at our doctors office, they ask if your kiddo can have a sticker, and don't already have them out and waving around when they do ask, so you look bad if you say no. You can just say no thanks, and your munchkin is none the wiser. Untill they learn what that word means.... then you are just in a world of trouble or get to look like the mean mommie. BUT, a sticker trick I learned.... Stick it to their hand or arm. The oils and stuff from the skin renders the back of it less sticky, so by the time they pull it off it has a coating over the sticky stuff.

nonmember avatar angie

You forgot to add candy! Expecially lollipops! They usually give them when the child is acting up and doesn't deserve it too. Grr! I don't mind balloons though.

kelti... kelticmom

Oh my lord. It's a sticker. A balloon. Just bc it annoys you, your child is only small and fascinated with simple things like that for such a short time. So suck it up, buy more goo gone. Kids are messy. And annoying. And they are supposed to be. Let them be kids, and enjoy their stickers ans balloons!

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

I used to look forward to going to the bank with my mom and grandma. The ladies knew they had little girls in the car and would send us Dum-Dum suckers in the chute.

One of my first memories is of this red balloon that I had tied to my arm. I asked my mom about it later and she said that I always got a balloon when she would bring me to the hospital that she worked at to visit her co-workers.

I remember going to the dentist and being kind of nervous, bit I knew I would get a sticker, a cheap plastic toy, toothbrush and tiny toothpaste. That somehow made me feel better.

I really don't see the harm in these things. They are actually fond memories from my childhood, as asinine as they seem as an adult.

Sometimes, I think it's easy to forget what it's like to be little.

When my baby cries his heart out while I'm sweeping, I know he just wants my broom. It's silly, but I give it to him just to watch his little face light up as he drags it all over the house.

Things are a big deal when you're little.

Texas... TexasWife

My kids get the first two. Cookies that would be awesome! Then atleast they would quit asking for every package to be opened even if they just got done eating. The advice thing. I have not had that happen and I hope I don't .

douxm... douxmusique

Aaaah..... People complain about the simplest things.

Mandago Mandago

Lollipops. My son broke off two of his front teeth as a baby, and we had them capped. I don't trust him not to accidentally pop them off with lollipops (he's three), and he wants them SO bad. Seems like people are always taunting him with lollipops. I'm so dreading Halloween...

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