5 Toddler Halloween Costumes to Avoid at All Costs

toddler costumesThere's nothing quite like the first Halloween when your kid is old enough to understand the concept of trick-or-treating. It's hilarious to see how quickly they catch on: Say trick-or-treat (or don't, just stand there and look cute and shell-shocked). Hold out bag (or pumpkin, or cauldron, or whatever). Get candy!

And this happens at every house!?!? Why don't we do this every day??

Plus, dressing up toddlers is pretty much the most fun you can have in this life. Sure, you thought your kid was cute before, but look at him in that doggie costume! He's the most adorable creature ever born!!

But for your toddler's first trick-or-treating experience, a costume has to be more than cute. It has to be easy to wear. Trust me, it's all your kid can do to keep up with the doorbell/candy routine. This is no time for a wardrobe malfunction.

If I sound like I'm speaking from experience, well ... I am. I've picked up a thing or two on the Halloween parade circuit over the years. And so I invite you to learn from my mistakes! Before you buy a disguise, check out the following list of Halloween Toddler Costumes to Avoid ...

  1. The Vision-Obscuring Mask. I don't know why mask manufacturers think that any child can actually see through those tiny, extremely wide-set pinholes, but I do know this: Leading a functionally blindfolded 3-year-old down bumpy sidewalks, up front porch steps, and through crowds of other functionally blinded 3-year-olds grabbing at the darkness in search of candy is not a good time.
  2. The Top-Heavy Costume. Big hats are way cute, right? Big hats/headpieces that weigh more than the child wearing them are, shall we say, a recipe for disaster?
  3. The Princess Heels. Your little girl will want you to buy her a sparkly princess costume. She will want to wear the extremely low-quality wig that comes with it. (Let her.) She will also want to wear the pair of plastic slip-on heels, possibly adorned with faux-feathers or jewels, that comes with the ensemble. (Don't let her. Unless you want to spend the whole night putting Band-Aids on skinned knees.)
  4. The Can't-Sit-Down Costume. I've seen some pretty impressive examples of this one, most of which require a cardboard box (fire truck, SpongeBob SquarePants). At some point, your tot will want to sit down and sample some candy. Not gonna work!
  5. The Too-Long Cape. Many a pint-sized vampire/king/superhero/witch/red riding hood has been felled by a cape that's just a tiny bit too long ... hmmm, maybe Mommy can fix it with safety pins ... whoops, face-plant.

Don't let these happen to you!

What's your toddler going to be for Halloween this year?


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mrskg... mrskgill06

My oldest is going to be a unicorn and the youngest hasn't decided yet... LOL

nonmember avatar Lydia

We have a 3 year old, a 1 year old, and a newborn, and I LOVE family-theme Halloweens! I figure this may be my last year before the 3 year old has an opinion, so we're going as "5 Little Monkeys Jumped on the Bed": matching monkey costumes from Old Navy for the kids, brown clothes and ears/tail for my husband and me, and Band-Aids all around!

Pua Smith

My two-year-old is going to be a "zom-bee" and my one-year-old is going to be an off-duty ninja (so there is nothing covering his face). Lol, I love Halloween.

Rachel Johnson

My 2 year old is going to be Clifford (the costume is hilarious, it is warm and even has a tail!) and my 3 year old is going to be a race car driver. :)     And Lydia, that idea is hilarious! I wish I would have thought about that one :)

Beyon... Beyondthesky37

My oldest the green Lantern, next guy  a soilder, third Cinderella, My toddler a lion and my baby Snow White.

Aleta775 Aleta775

My daughter si going to be a pizza chef. She has a little red and white checked apron and hat. It even has a little oven mit. I can't wait to see her in it. I bet it will be so cute.

aritoyh aritoyh

My four year old is going to be Woody, my two year old Buzz and my 10 month old Jessie.

Deweymom Deweymom

3yo DD insisted on the Dragon costume from Old Navy this year. She looks adorable. As it IS rather warm/bulky for daytime Halloween events, she'll wear her "Thing 1" tee and leggings during the day.

mrsTLC23 mrsTLC23

DS is going to be Batman, i will be batgirl, and dh is robin. 

We dont have skids this year but at moms one will be ninja and the other a biohazard zombie?? 

bluel... bluelotusmama

My 3 year old ds will probably be a fire fighter since he is in love with them right now :D

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